What is yankauer suction set?

Medical practitioners may at some point require a suctioning tool to clean up blood or other bodily discharges. A yankauer suction set comes with a firm plastic suction handle which is attached to a tube. The opening at the tip has a bulb attached which is designed to allow for efficient suction without damaging any surrounding tissue. There are two variations allowing for suction with or without vacuum control. The yankauer suction set is made in Turkey by Ceren Üretim from medical grade PVC granules, which comply with all health and safety regulations.

What is it used for?

The tool is used to remove discharge and body fluids from the mouth or throat, and may also be used to remove blood or discharge during or before surgery. The yankauer suction set is the most common medical suction instrument in the world.

It can also be used in cases of pulmonary aspiration. This is when food or drink, stomach fluids or nasal fluids goes down the windpipe or into the voice box. It is especially useful in removing fluids that block the air canal in hospitalized or unconscious patients. The yankauer suction set is connected to an external source of suction, to allow continuous and easy suction of fluid.

What is included in the set?

The yankauer suction set is manufactured by Ceren Üretim, which is specializes in medical instruments and yankauer suction set production, and is also a yankauer suction set manufacturer based in Turkey.

Each set includes:

  • A 200 cm connection tube (soft, kink and bend resistant)
  • An ergonomic one piece plastic handle
  • Standard compliant tip with 4 side holes
  • Wider inner diameter to facilitate the flow and vacuum control hole
  • A standard compliant connector

Available variations:

  • Vacuum
  • Non-vacuum
  • With sump vacuum
  • With sump non-vacuum
  • With Filter

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