surgical nail brush

What is Surgical nail brush or surgical scrub brush?

Majority of hospital infections are the result of insufficient hand and skin hygiene. Surgical nail brushes enables the surgical staff to establish the right conditions for optimal pre-operative hygiene for hands and skin.

Surgical nail brush solution of Ceren Üretim

Surgical nail brush of Ceren Üretim has an effective, soft and skin-friendly brush head for the nails, knuckles and skin. Attached to the brush is a sponge designed for cleaning the hands and forearms.  It saves on handling costs since brush, soap and nail cleaner are all supplied in one packaging.

surgical nail brushA high quality portfolio of surgical nail brushes for optimal and secure surgical hand preparation are available by Ceren Üretim. The surgical nail brushes feature soft bristles to reduce the risk of irritation or damaging of the skin. Brushes have easy-to-open packaging for wet or dry hands, come with easy-to-use dispenser boxes.

Surgical nail brushes of Ceren Üretim are made of soft material. Different types are available: pavidine iodine 7,5 %, chlorohexidine 4 %, and dry sterile. The amount of disinfectant is available as 15 ml or 20 ml. Ceren surgical nail brush promotes safe, optimal and secure surgical hand preparation.

It significantly reduces micro-organisms but deeper-lying resident bacterial flora is not removed unnecessarily. It is soft and kind to the skin, and encourages more thorough use. It has a effective, sensitive and conveniently shaped brush, comprising two layers of ultrasoft material. It enables balanced supply of soap through the squeeze-through baseplate, therefore no soap is wasted. Ceren surgical nail brush has no need for resterilization procedures, therefore it saves, work and Money.

A good hygiene forms the basis of preventing infection in the hospital. With good reason, since the majority of hospital infections are the result of insufficient hand and skin hygiene. The introduction of the Ceren surgical nail brush in your hospital will enable you to establish the right conditions for optimal preoperative hygiene of hand and skin.

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