nasal oxygen cannula

What is Nasal Oxygen Cannula?

The nasal cannula is used to deliver additional oxygen or airflow to the in need of respiratory help. Nasal Oxygen Cannula consists of a lightly weighted tube. This tube has two ends: one end is placed in the nostrils, where air and oxygen is mixed together. The other end is placed into the oxygen supply which can be an portable oxygen generator, or Wall connection with flowmeter.

Coworker of BOC, Wilfred Jones has invented and patented nasal oxygen cannula in 1949.

nasal oxygen cannula

How is nasal oxygen cannula used?

Nasal Oxygen Cannula is hooked to the patient’s ear or sticked with an elastic head band and the one end is placed into the nose of the patient. Most adult nasal oxygen cannula carries 1 – 5 litres of oxygen per minute. For infants and neonatal use, nasal oxygen cannula carries less than 1 litre per minute. Up to 60 litres of oxygen/air mixture per minute can be carried with wider bore humidified nasal oxygen cannula. Nasal Oxygen Cannula is used generally for supplemental oxygen or nasal high flow therapy with respiratory gas humidification technique.


Nasal oxygen cannula solution of Ceren Üretim

All of the nasal oxygen cannulas of Ceren Üretim is made of DOP free medical grade PVC. They are non sterile. The masks are ergonomically designed and fits the nose of the patient perfectly and are non irritable. Connecting tube is 200 cm and it is kink resistant by interior channel. Connectors are appropriate for international standarts. Nasal oxygen cannulas of Ceren Üretim are totally disposable. Nasal oxygen cannulas of Ceren Üretim are available in transparent and transparent green color. Sizes for adults, children and infants are available.

If you have questions about the nasal oxygen cannula solution of Ceren Üretim, please feel free to contact our sales personnel.

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