medical waste box

What is Medical Waste Box?

Management of the medical wastes or biomedical wastes which are generated in hospitals and other healthcare facilities are defined under health regulations. It is critical that such institutions comply with these legal regulations in order to prevent spreading of infectious diseases. Biomedical wastes are the wastes generated in surgeons or other treatments, such as syringes, biological wastes, used disposable medical products etc. They should be contained in specific containers in order to prevent contamination.

medical waste box

Specifications of Ceren Medical Waste Box

Ceren Medical Waste Boxes are consisted of three parts. They are the box, cover and lockable upper cover. Flat packs can be stored conveniently. There is lab lid on the top. Medical Waste Box resists driller and cutter. Ceren Medical Boxes are offered in 5 sizes: 1 lt, 1,3 lt, 3 lt, 5 lt and 10 lt. They are disposable and are labelled with the specific warning signs. Ceren Medical Waste Boxes are made of original raw material and asthetcially pleasing with a solid design. They satisfy all state regulations enforced by the Ministry of Health.

How is Ceren Medical Waste Box used ?

It is very easy to assemble the Ceren Medical Waste Box. When the box is full, top lid is closed by the hospital staff and sealed. Sealing is very important in order to prevent leakage and contamination. It can be removed by the hospital staff safely once they are sealed. They should be stored in the areas where treatment is conducted. These should be designated areas where hospital stuff can collect them with no failure since these areas are addressed.

If you have questions or need addittonal information about Ceren Medical Waste Boxes, please feel free to contact our sales team via the contact page in our website. They will be happy to support you.

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