What is an aerosol chamber?

An aerosol chamber is a medical device used in conjunction with in inhaler to treat respiratory conditions. The chamber acts as a mixing and delivery device for medication that has to be breathed in, and is helpful to the elderly, and the ill. This solves any issues where the patient doesn’t inhale properly or on time, and most of the medication ends up on the patient’s tongue. The aerosol chamber allows the patient to breathe in slowly and evenly.

How does it work?

An inhaler is carefully attached on one end, allowing the medication to spray into the aerosol chamber and mix with the air inside. This process happens quickly and once the medication is mixed in with the air, it may comfortably be inhaled from the other end of the aerosol chamber. The mouthpiece fits comfortably over the nose and mouth, is comfortable to the skin, and comply with all health and safety regulations. Ceren Üretim is a specialized medical product and aerosol chamber manufacturer based in Turkey, and uses medical grade PVC granules in the production of medical instruments.

Ceren Üretim produces the aerosol chamber in different 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The mouthpiece of these chambers all fit comfortably over a patient’s nose and mouth, and allows for a smooth breathing experience. It has a plastic shell and is small enough for comfortable use at home or when traveling.

What is it used for?

An inhaler is prescribed to treat conditions such as bronchitis, asthma and respiratory illnesses. In order to heal the lungs, the medication needs to be inhaled in a mist, and an aerosol chamber acts as the mixing compartment for the prescribed medicine. One end of the inhaler is placed over the patient’s nose and mouth, and a metered dose inhaler (MDI) spritzes the dose into the other end. The medication mixes with the air and remains within the aerosol chamber until the patient inhales.

Ceren Üretim is a quality supplier and aerosol chamber in Turkey, and uses the best quality materials to produce washable and reusable medical equipment.

The product is intended for multiple use and is safe and easy to wash and clean.

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