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What is a nebulizer set?

A nebulizer set comprises of a mouthpiece called the nebulizer mask, a connector tube and a chamber where medicine is mixed with air. A nebulizer (the chamber) itself is the most crucial component in a nebulizer set, as this is the part that holds the medication, and turns it into a mist before it’s released into the nebulizer mask. You may need to use a nebulizer set if you have a respiratory disorder and you need breathing assistance, or if you need medication administered to you by inhaling it into the lungs.

How does it work?

A patient places the nebulizer mask over the nose and mouth, and breathes in the medication in the form of a mist. The medication is mixed with air in the nebulizer chamber by means of compressed air or ultrasonic sound. The nebulizer mask is also efficient in delivering breathing oxygen from a storage tank to the patient’s lungs.

The mouthpiece can be washed with warm water and soap, and the connector tube should be replaced after a few uses.

What is it used for?

Sometimes patients have a condition that require medication or oxygen to be delivered into their lungs. This ensures treatment in situations where patients have difficulty breathing, have damage to their lungs or have respiratory related diseases such as asthma. This method is effective in treating respiratory diseases in children, infants or disabled people. The mask fits comfortably over the mouth and nose.

Nebulizer Set With Oxygen Mask

Ceren Üretim is a nebulizer set and uniform producer in Turkey, and uses medical grade PVC granules that comply with all the prescribed health and safety regulations. Ceren Üretim has a professional team with a rich experience in the medical field and uniform production.

What’s included in the set?

  • A face adapted ergonomic mask
  • An adjustable aluminium wire
  • 200 cm connector tube (kink resistant)
  • 8 ml nebulizer cup

The face mask comes in three sizes: Adult, Child and Infant. And is available in two colors: Transparent and Transparent Green.

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