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Our topic today is vaginal speculums. A speculum is a medical tool allowing to examine inside of a body like an endescope. In spite of an endescope, speculums allow a direct vision, whereas endescopes are using optics as medium.

Speculums Production

Vaginal and anal speculums were used since Romans and also ancient Greeks. Throughout the medical history, vaginal and anal speculums were made of stainless steel, but nowadays single use plastic (PVC) speculums are used. It is very important that the PVC material is medical grade, since inferior meterials can cause complications for the patients whose genitals are sensitive or allergic to the PVC. As Ceren Üretim, we are producing only certified materials and strictly monitor our all of our production steps to comply with all health requirements in order to have superior vaginal and anal speculums.

Vaginal Speculum Specifications

Vaginal speculums are produced in a varitey of size and shapes, according to the purpose of use. They are inserted into the vagina of the patient by the doctor, in order to have a direct view into the genitals for examination or further interventions such as a biopsy purposes.
Ceren vaginal speculums have the specialt of painless insertion, thanks to the shape which is developed with a sensitive design. They are transparent, in order to maximize the exposure of light into the vagina. Material is very light and unbreakable in order to have flexible and easy operation and high safety. 3 sizes are available: small, medium and big. They are disposible and CE certified. All of the vaginal speculums are packaged seperately for single uses, therefore they are highly hygienic. They have a flexible locking screw for maintaining the position, and they can be quickly locked. All of our vaginal speculums have 100,000 class clean room production.

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