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vaginal speculumVaginal speculums are tools that are used by doctors during pelvic exams. They can be made up of metal or plastic and they are a hinged shape. They were used since Romans and ancient Greeks’ times. Doctors insert the vaginal speculum inside and gently open it during the exam. Vaginal speculums come in different sizes. The doctor chooses the size based on the patient’s age and the size of their vagina. Vaginal speculums are used to spread and hold open vaginal walls during the exam. This way, the doctor is able to see the patient’s vagina and cervix more easily.

Our Product

Our vaginal speculums are single use for health purposes and they are made up of medical grade PVC material. Ceren Üretim produces certified materials in compliance with international guidelines. Our vaginal speculums comply with all health requirements. Our vaginal speculums have painless insertion due to the shape and design of the speculum. The material used in our vaginal speculums are flexible and unbreakable. We carry three sizes: small, medium and large. Our products are disposable. Our vaginal speculums have a flexible lock that helps to hold the position of the speculum and it can easily be locked.

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If you are interested in buying your nebulizer masks from us, you can call +90 212 494 45 75 or e-mail We have a wide customer portfolio and a large catalogue of products that we offer. You can browse our website, to view our products and contact us via e-mail or phone for purchase. All of our products are made of medical grade PVC material and they comply with health requirements. With our experience, we are here at your service. Our sales staff is willing to answer all your questions with pleasure.

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