Vaginal Speculum and Smear Brush

Everyone knows how important the hygiene is when collecting samples for medical tests. Ceren Üretim is a highly specialized medical devices producer in Turkey, whose experienced team creates the best products for medical usage. We offer a wide variety of medical products. Vaginal speculum is one of our products, utilized for opening the vagina walls. It gives the gynecologists the possibility to examine the vagina and the cervix or to take samples. Another product from the same range is the smear brush which is used to collect cervical specimens for cytologic smear. A smear sample container is also used for bacteriological cultures, as each patient’s smear should be placed in an individual recipient.

Maximum hygiene and safety during surgeries

Norms of hygiene are crucial before engaging in a surgery. The entire medical team must use disinfectants in order to assure maximum cleaning and safety for the patient. In order to do this, our company provides a surgical nail brush in order to avoid hospital infections as a result of insufficient or poor cleaning. This device is perfect for establishing the proper hygiene for hands, skin and nails during a pre-operative preparation. The brush is very effective and soft with your skin, nails and knuckles.

Cervical cell collectors for medical samples

Cerem Üretim is, among other medical devices producer, an important smear brush producer. This device is used for collecting cervical cells in order to conduct pap tests for women. Our smear brush production is very effective and quality. The set includes two brushes, which are straight and round type and have a very efficient collection for cell samplings. They offer a very accurate pap test reading due to their quality. In view of these facts, Cerem Üretim is a very trustable and efficient smear brush producer Turkey, whose medical devices guarantee safety, high quality and maximum hygiene.

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