Three Medical Devices: Simple but indispensable

Inhaled Medications Using A Spacer

Breathing disorders can be healed or ameliorated through an aerosol chamber, known also as a spacer. This medical device should be used together with an inhaler and is specially designed for children and people who cannot use an inhaler properly. When using an inhaler, the patient must take a deep breath at the same time when they squeeze the inhaler, otherwise, the medicine will end in the mouth instead of in the lungs. For avoiding this risk among children, infants or people with disabilities, attach an aerosol chamber to the inhaler, release the medicine inside and ask the patient to sit and breathe normally. Cerem aerosol chambers are safe and easy to use and are manufactured with DOP free medical grade PCV granules.

Easing the surgical interventions with a suction set device

Another important and fundamental medical device is the Yankauer suction set which is used for removal of blood and other fluids from cavities during open surgeries or dental treatments. The set consists in a firm plastic suction tip and a long tube. The tube is connected to an external source of suction and provides ease during medical procedures for both patients and doctors. The tube is made of medical grade PVC granules, it is soft and kink resistant. This medical device is designed for single use only.

How to use Enema set?

The Enema set is mainly used to relieve constipation or to clean and empty out the intestines before a medical examination or a surgery. Cerem Enema set is safe and easy to use. Simply inject the fluid into the lower bowel through the rectum. The set consists of everything you need for a simple, secure and painless procedure: enema bag, 110 cm kink resistance tubing, castile soap, PE gloves, and lubricant gel. Like all our products, this bowel stimulant is made of medical grade PCV granules.

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