Vaginal Speculum and Smear Brush

Everyone knows how important the hygiene is when collecting samples for medical tests. Ceren Üretim is a highly specialized medical devices producer in Turkey, whose experienced team creates the best products for medical usage. We offer a wide variety of medical products. Vaginal speculum is one of our products, utilized for opening the vagina walls. It gives the gynecologists the possibility to examine the vagina and the cervix or to take samples. Another product from the same range is the smear brush which is used to collect cervical specimens for cytologic smear. A smear sample container is also used for bacteriological cultures, as each patient’s smear should be placed in an individual recipient.

Maximum hygiene and safety during surgeries

Norms of hygiene are crucial before engaging in a surgery. The entire medical team must use disinfectants in order to assure maximum cleaning and safety for the patient. In order to do this, our company provides a surgical nail brush in order to avoid hospital infections as a result of insufficient or poor cleaning. This device is perfect for establishing the proper hygiene for hands, skin and nails during a pre-operative preparation. The brush is very effective and soft with your skin, nails and knuckles.

Cervical cell collectors for medical samples

Cerem Üretim is, among other medical devices producer, an important smear brush producer. This device is used for collecting cervical cells in order to conduct pap tests for women. Our smear brush production is very effective and quality. The set includes two brushes, which are straight and round type and have a very efficient collection for cell samplings. They offer a very accurate pap test reading due to their quality. In view of these facts, Cerem Üretim is a very trustable and efficient smear brush producer Turkey, whose medical devices guarantee safety, high quality and maximum hygiene.

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About Ceren Uretim Medical Products Portfolio #5

We are continuing to present our product range with 5. part our blog post series. Ceren Uretim is a medical product producer from Turkey. And have a wide medical products portfolio like high concentration oxygen mask, nebulizer set, oxygen mask, nasal oxygen cannula, oxygen connector tube, automizer chamber, suction set, suction tip, steril and non steril suction tube, baby urine collector (bag), urine bag with valve, enema set, surgical nail brush, vaginal speculum, smear brush, smear sample container, medical waste box, chest drainage set, patient gownhospital stretcher cover, body bag and wound drainage pump.

ceren uretim medical products portfolio

Vaginal Speculum

Ceren Uretim vaginal speculums are manufactured with various options. There are small, medium and large sizes of this product. Our vaginal speculums have painless insertion feature, they are transparent, light and unbreakable. This product is single packed and has flexible locking screw with quick locking. It is disposable and CE certified. Our vaginal speculums are produced in 100,000 class cleanroom.

Smear Brush

Ceren Uretim smear brushes are manufactured with various options. There are two types of this product which are straight and round.

Smear Sample Container

Ceren Uretim smear sample containers has two partition. These products are manufactured in standard object plate sizes. Our smear sample container products are capped.

Medical Waste Boxes

Ceren Uretim medical waste boxes are manufactured with various options. There are 1lt, 1.3lt, 3lt, 5lt and 10lt capacity types of this product. Our medical waste boxes consist three parts  which are box, cover and lockable upper cover. The product is manufactured with a durable raw material. It is resistant against cutting or drilling.  Our medical waste boxes are disposable.

If you think you need to strengthen up your supply chain, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to visit you on-site and share our medical solutions according to your needs.

Ceren Üretim Medical Products

Ceren Üretim Plastik A.Ş. is the production branch of Ceren Medikal A.Ş, which has been established in 1992. Ceren Üretim Plastik A.Ş. is steadily continues it’s investments with the experience of Ceren Medikal and grows steadily day by day.

The company, which has been a producer of medical plastic injection products since 2015, consists of 90 personnel. Production plant of Ceren Üretim which was originally in Sultanbeyli, has been relocated to Esenyurt in 2018 and continues it’s activities since then.

Product Scope of Ceren Üretim

Product scope of the company consists of 25 – 30 final products. High Concentration Oxygen Mask (for adults and children), Nebulizer Set – Mouthpiece (with T tube, with bellow), Oxygen Mask (for adult, children and infants), Nebulizer Set With Oxygen Mask (for adult, children and infants), Nasal Oxygen Cannula (for adult, children and infants), Oxygen Connector Tube, Automizer Chamber (small, medium and large), Suction Set (vacuum, non vacuum, w sump wacuum, w sump non vacuum, with filter), Suction Tip (yankeur handle plain -vacuum / non vacuum, yankeur handle sump – vacuum/ non vacuum), Suction Tube
(Sterile / Non-Steril) , Baby Urine Collector Bag (male, female), Urine Bag with Valve, Enema Set, Nail Brush (with pavidine iod 7,5%, with chlorhexidine 4%, non sterile), Vaginal Speculums (small, medium and large), Smear Brush (standart and endocervical brush), Smear Sample Container, Medical Waste Boxes (1-10 liters), Chest Drainage Set (700 cc and 2000 cc), Patient Gown (short sleeve, long sleeve), Hospital Stretcher Cover, Body Bag (for infants, children and adults), Wound Drainage Pump (150, 250 and 400 cc) are amongst the product scope of Ceren Üretim.

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Vaginal Speculum Producer Ceren Üretim

Our topic today is vaginal speculums. A speculum is a medical tool allowing to examine inside of a body like an endescope. In spite of an endescope, speculums allow a direct vision, whereas endescopes are using optics as medium.

Speculums Production

Vaginal and anal speculums were used since Romans and also ancient Greeks. Throughout the medical history, vaginal and anal speculums were made of stainless steel, but nowadays single use plastic (PVC) speculums are used. It is very important that the PVC material is medical grade, since inferior meterials can cause complications for the patients whose genitals are sensitive or allergic to the PVC. As Ceren Üretim, we are producing only certified materials and strictly monitor our all of our production steps to comply with all health requirements in order to have superior vaginal and anal speculums.

Vaginal Speculum Specifications

Vaginal speculums are produced in a varitey of size and shapes, according to the purpose of use. They are inserted into the vagina of the patient by the doctor, in order to have a direct view into the genitals for examination or further interventions such as a biopsy purposes.
Ceren vaginal speculums have the specialt of painless insertion, thanks to the shape which is developed with a sensitive design. They are transparent, in order to maximize the exposure of light into the vagina. Material is very light and unbreakable in order to have flexible and easy operation and high safety. 3 sizes are available: small, medium and big. They are disposible and CE certified. All of the vaginal speculums are packaged seperately for single uses, therefore they are highly hygienic. They have a flexible locking screw for maintaining the position, and they can be quickly locked. All of our vaginal speculums have 100,000 class clean room production.

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