3. Medical oxygen mask producer

Nebulizer Mask Manufacturer


One of the things to look out for when you’re sourcing a good nebulizer set is to take a look at the nebulizer mask manufacturer and inspect the quality of the items. A good nebulizer set manufacturer will be able to showcase all of the equipment and apparatus that they developed, as well as to provide information and specifications in order to answer any questions that you might have.

3. Medical oxygen mask producer



Ceren Üretim is an Istanbul based medical equipment and nebulizer set manufacturer. As a nebulizer set producer servicing the local market, they have taken great care in designing and manufacturing medical equipment to ensure that each set is up to the highest standard, and are consistently functional batch after batch. Upon implementing the latest in manufacturing processes they ensure that all of their equipment do not let hospitals or medical professionals down. Failure to foresee faulty operation of any single component of each set puts the company, hospitals and patients’ lives at risk. There is simply no room for error when it comes to manufacturing reliable medical equipment.




A nebulizer set manufacturer provides solutions to treat respiratory related medical conditions. In this case Ceren Üretim delivers a mask that is placed over the patients’ nose and mouth to provide a steady flow of air and medicine mixed together into a fine mist. Carefully adjusting the oxygen to medicine ratio is of the utmost importance to effectively treat a patient. It is therefore a delicate task to administer medication through the respiratory system. A nebulizer mask manufacturer has identified this as the most efficient method of delivering breathing oxygen gas from a storage tank, in conjunction with the prescribed medication to the patient’s lungs. A nebulizer set comes as part of a set which consists of a mouthpiece, a connector tube, and a compressor.

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nebulizer mask production

Nebulizer Mask Manufacturer Turkey

To start from the beginning, we must clarify what is a nebulizer set. It is a medical device, which heals and comforts the patients who have breathing problems and pulmonary illnesses. It is used for delivering both breathing oxygen and medical mist directly into the patient’s lungs. This nebulizer is composed of an aerosol chamber, connector tube, and a nebulizer mask. The last component is actually a mouthpiece, which is fixed on the patient’s face, covering both the mouth and the nose. The chamber is the component in which the mist prepared and pushed through the connector tube directly into the mouthpiece. Ceren Uretim is a very important nebulizer mask manufacturer in Turkey, being a leader among the medical devices producer. When it comes to nebulizers, trust, safety, and high quality are the main keys in our recipe.

Nebulizer Set With Oxygen Mask

What are the advantages of using a nebulizer?

Unlike the manual inhalers, the nebulizer masks are much easier and efficient to use. An inhaler needs a specific and controlled inhale while taking the medicine in, while the nebulizers are simple to use and very efficient. The patient is required to breathe normally, inhaling the mist inside the mouthpiece on his own breathing rhythm. For this matter, this medical device is perfect for children or infants. Ceren Uretim is a great nebulizer mask manufacturer with a wide experience in medical devices production. Our nebulizer masks are made of medical plastic, perfect for sensitive skins and allergic people. The mouthpiece comes in three sizes, for adult, child and extra mini for the infant. Moreover, the adjustable aluminum wire can easily be adjusted according to the face and head sizes, so the mask fill is comfortably fixed onto the face. Being an important nebulizer mask manufacture in Turkey, our customers are relying on us for offering the best medical devices to the patients.

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nebulizer mask production

Nebulizer mask manufacturer

When a person has breathing troubles or respiratory disorders and he cannot inhale enough oxygen naturally, doctors use a nasal oxygen cannula or an oxygen mask. These procedures are meant to reduce the patient’s discomfort and afterward to heal diseases such as asthma, pneumonia, post-surgical breathing problems or even sleep apnea.

When to use?

A nasal oxygen cannula is used in the incipient phase of illnesses when the required concentration of oxygen delivery is low or medium. Nasal cannulas are also used by pilots or passengers. They provide extra oxygen in order to compensate for the low oxygen available at high altitudes. A nasal oxygen cannula has 1-4 flow rates per minute, and for these reasons they may not be suitable for acute respiratory disorders. In this case, oxygen masks are more suitable. Ceren Uretim is also an important and qualified oxygen mask manufacturer Turkey, trying to ease the suffering and pains caused by respiratory disorders.

Nebulizer Set With Oxygen Mask

How to use?

Using a nasal oxygen cannula is very easy and comfortable for patients. The cannula is introduced in the nostrils without any pain or discomfort, while the tube is connected to a storage tank of oxygen. Depending on the patient’s breathing rhythm, the necessary amount of breathing oxygen will be provided to the nose and into the lungs. The advantages of using this device are: possibility to eat and drink, the possibility of talking, the risk of carbon dioxide rebreathing is reduced.

Quality for free care usage

All of our products meet the hygiene, health and quality requirements. Regarding our nasal oxygen cannula production, we use our best knowledge and experienced team to produce high-quality products, appropriated to the international standards. This device is manufactured with DOP free medical PVC granules and has a non irritable ergonomic cannula. Moreover, the tube is kink resistant.

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