Wound drainage reservoir and its usage

Wound drainage reservoir is a disposable portable device used for closed wound suction. It is commonly made of silicone and has an oval, leakless reservoir to hold the sucked liquid. It is mostly used in surgeries where the blood flowing out of the patient should be cleared in order to have a clear view for the operator. In order to achieve this and ensure an adequate environment for the surgery, blood or liquids are sucked into the wound drainage reservoirs. It also enables to keep the track of the lost blood or liquid, which is mostly a vital information during a medical operation.

Generally, a suction tube is connected both to the wound drainage reservoir and the application area, where blood comes out. Suction tip is put into the resource of the blood / liquid source and it delivers what is sucks into the wound drainage reservoir through it’s tubes. Mostly, drainage reservoirs have vacuum functions and this way they suck the blood inside with help of air pressure.

Specifications of the Ceren Üretim Wound Drainage Reservoirs

The wound drainage reservoir kits are sterile and are for single patient use, clear reservoir. Sidewalls and volume calibrations allows the examination and measurement of the drainage. Ceren Uretim Wound Drainage reservoirs are made of high quality silicone material, which is compliant to medical standards. It has the versions of 400 cc, 250 cc and 150 cc capacity. Delivering high-quality, reliable products has allowed Ceren Uretim to become a trusted solution nationwide. If you would like to know more about this product or in case you have inquiries, please feel free to contact our company via the contact page in our website. Our sales staff will be more happy to inform and assist you.

Yankauer Suction Set Producer Turkey

Yankauer suction tip is in medical applications as an oral suctioning tool. Typically, it has a firm plastic suction tip with a large opening which has a bulb shaped head around it. Aim of this design is not damaging the tissue around the yankauer suction tip while effectively sucking the liquid.

Yankauer suction is invented in 1907 by Sidney Yankauer, who was an American otolaryngologist. After the development, yankauer suction tips became the most used medical suction instrument.


Why is Yankauer Suction Set used?

Yankauer Suction Set is used for suctioning oropharyngeal secretions in order to prevent aspiration. A yankauer suction set is used during medical operations, in which the operative sites must be clear. It also has the use of counting blood lose volume during surgeries.

Specifications of Ceren Üretim Yankauer Suction Set

Large lumens of Ceren Yankauer Suction Set provides rapid aspiration. They resist clogging and sucks fluid and debris from either a surgical site or body orifice (i.e. airway, abdomen, etc.). It’s sturdy and shatter -resistant construction enables use for retraction. It is transparent so that it allows clear visualization of fluids. Ceren yankauer suction sets are sterile / single use only for preventing contamination. Tip of the product is compliant to the standarts and has 4 side holes. It is ergonomic and one piece. Ceren yankauer set is strong and durable since it is produced of high qualirt material. It has a wider inner diameter in order to facilitate the ow and vacuum control hole. It is kink and bend resistant, soft and has 200 cm length connection tube. Connector is also compliant to the standarts. It is easily disposable. Ceren Yankauer Suction Sets have the versions of: vacuum, non vacuum, w sump vacuum, w sump non vacuum and with filter.

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Enema Set and usage

Enema is a Word derived form Greek and it’s meaning is “injection”. Enema is a treatment method, which is done by injecting a specified liquid into rectum, aiming to reach the lower bowel section of the body. First mention of it is in the ancient Egyptian history (1550 BC). The appliers of this method were called as “Shepherd of the Anus” in the ancient Egypt. There are references and proof of usage also in Olmec and Maya civilizations. Enema set is used todays commonly before medical treatments.

Why is Enema Set used?

Enema is mostly used before a treatment or medical examination for lower bowel cleansing, or in order to relieve the constipation of the patient. Enema is also used for inspecting diarrhea, allowing a better visual of the digestive track, encopresis treatment and as rehydration therapy for proctoclysis. Enema is sometimes the medium for alternative treatment methods, therapies and sexual activities.

Types of Enemas

There are different types of enemas. Most are made of plain water, but others contain solutions that help draw water out of the bloodstream back into the colon, such as sodium chloride or even baking soda. Others may include a lubricant, such as mineral oil or a cleansing agent, such as soap.

Specifications of Ceren Üretim Enema Set

Like all of our other products, Ceren Enema Set is made of soft and hygienic PVC material, since rectum of the patient might be vulnurable to infections. Ceren Enema Set can be easily used thanks to it’s rectum tip which is ergonomically designed. It has 1750 ml capacity. Length of the tubing is 110 cm and it is kink resistant. Enema set contains castile soap, drape, PE gloves and lubricant gel.

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Aerosol Chamber Producer

An aerosol chamber or metered dose inhaler (MDI) is a device delivering a medication in a predefined amount to the lungs in a burst of aerosolized medicine via inhalation. They are mostly used for treating asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other respiratory diseases. Medicine used in an aerosol chamber is mostly a bronchodilator, corticosteroid or combination of the both.

aerosol chamber

History of aerosol chamber

Asthma was treated with bulb nebulizers. They are squeezed in order to deliver medication before the invention of aerosol chambers. And they were really unreliable and can be fragile. Also, the medication used in these bulbs were consisted of really big particles, which had an inefficient performance for delivering the medication into the patients lungs. Aerosol chambers were invented in 1955 by Riker Laboratories. Initial design had a canister made of glass.

Structure of aerosol chamber

An aerosol chamber or a metered dose inhaler is formed with three components; a canister, a metering valve and an actuator. Canister contains the medication in aerosol form, metering valve allows the dispensation of a predefined amount of medication and actuator has the mouthpiece function which is put into the mouth of the patient and directs aerosol into the patients lungs. Actuator should include a cap for keeping the mouthpiece hygienic.

Ceren Üretim has invested into a long research and development activity for this product. The product has antistatic mouthpiece for children and adults and also can be easily used and cleaned. It is also designed for ease of usage.


How should be the Ceren aerosol chamber used?

Just breathing slowly is sufficient for Ceren aerosol chamber; it is available in three sizes (small, medium and large) for easy usage for children and adults.

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