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Enema Set Producer Turkey: Ceren Uretim

An enema set producer compiles a set of items to make up an enema set, which consists of a drape, a medical bag for liquid, a kink resistant tube, a pair of PE gloves, lubricant gel and a castile soap which is an olive-oil-based soap. The set as manufactured by Ceren Uretim has a medical bag with a capacity of 1750 ml and the kink resistant PVC tubing is 110 cm in length.

What Is An Enema Set?

Each enema set producer uses a soft and hygienic PVC material, complying with medical standards for medical equipment. It’s perfect for medical use since its clean, soft enough to use without risk of injuring vulnerable areas of patients and its kink-resistant flexibility. This is ideal since the rectum of a patient is sensitive and might be prone to infections. Therefore, any damage to the rectum should be avoided at all costs. The enema set from Ceren Uretim is easy to use because of the ergonomic design of the rectum tip.

enema set

Why Use An Enema Set?

An enema is the treatment method of injecting a specified liquid into the rectum, with the intention of cleansing or residing within the lower bowels of the body. Each medical producer knows there are various reasons for using an enema set, and therefore designs it with this purpose in mind. Primarily the purpose for an enema is to cleanse the bowels of a patient. The reasons for cleansing the bowels may range from preparation for inspection by a medical practitioner to allow for a better visual of the digestive tract, encopresis treatment and as a means of rehydration therapy to supplement the liquid intake of the body, which is known as proctoclysis. This aids to relieve constipation or for inspecting diarrhea. Be sure to contact us for your preferred medical producer.

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enema set

Enema Set and Yankauer Suction Set

Our company has lots of experience in medical devices production. We offer a wide range of quality products. The enema set is a medical device used to inject fluid into the lower bowel through the rectum. This device is used for patients who face up with constipation problems. It is also used for bowel cleansing before a surgery or a medical examination. The set consists in a medical bag for liquid, gloves, lubricant gel, kink resistant tube, drape and castile soap, everything you need for a soft, painless procedure.

Medical devices for a carefree life

Another product that our company offers is the aerosol chamber. This device releases the patient from breathing difficulties such as acute asthma or other respiratory infections.

An easier life for both doctors and patients

Another medical device is yankauer suction set which is mostly used by dentists during examination or surgeries. The device is an oral suctioning tool designed to softly absorbing the water and saliva during a dental medical procedure. This product eased considerably the dentist’s work and it also increased the patient’s comfort.

Another device that has a low vacuum aspiration level is the drainage reservoir that are used to drain the wounds, keeping them far away from infections and blood collection. They are also used during surgeries in order to vacuum the excessive blood.

Urine collection for infants

There are cases when doctors require urine samples from babies in order to make some tests. For sure it is not an easy task since the infant cannot cooperate. In order to make this easier, we provide a baby urine collectors bag which very efficient and simple to use. The special bag that collects the urine has a sticky strip on one end. In this way, you can fit it over the infant’s genital area. You can put a diaper over it and wait till the bag collected the necessary amount of urine.

If you think you need to strengthen up your supply chain, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to visit you on-site and share our medical solutions according to your needs.

About Ceren Uretim Medical Products Portfolio #4

We are continuing to present our product range with 4. part our blog post series. Ceren Uretim is a medical product producer from Turkey. And have a wide medical products portfolio like high concentration oxygen mask, nebulizer set, oxygen mask, nasal oxygen cannula, oxygen connector tube, automizer chamber, suction set, suction tip, steril and non steril suction tube, baby urine collector (bag), urine bag with valve, enema set, surgical nail brush, vaginal speculum, smear brush, smear sample container, medical waste box, chest drainage set, patient gownhospital stretcher cover, body bag and wound drainage pump.

ceren uretim medical products portfolio

Suction Tube

Ceren Uretim suction tubes are manufactured with various options. There are ¼” standard sterile, 3/16″ sterile, 370cm and 250cm length options of this product. It is produced with PVC raw material and has sterile and non sterile models. Our suction tubes are soft, transparent and kink resistant. This disposable product can be produced in custom sizes.

Baby Urine Collector (Bag)

Ceren Uretim baby urine collectors are 100ml and has two types which are male and female.

Urine Bag with Valve

Disposable Ceren Uretim urine bags with valve have a capacity of 1500ml.

Enema Set

Ceren Uretim enema sets are easy to use with rectum tip. It has a capacity of 1750ml and manufactured with soft PVC material. Set includes a 110 cm kink resistance tubing, castile soap, drape , PE gloves, lubricant gel.

Surgical Nail Brush

Ceren Uretim surgical nail brushes are manufactured with various options. There are povidon ioded, chlorhexidined and sterile (non-disinfectant) types of this product. It produced with soft PVC material and is ready to use. This surgical nail brush can be also produced with 15ml or 20ml disinfectant.

If you think you need to strengthen up your supply chain, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to visit you on-site and share our medical solutions according to your needs.

Enema Set and usage

Enema is a Word derived form Greek and it’s meaning is “injection”. Enema is a treatment method, which is done by injecting a specified liquid into rectum, aiming to reach the lower bowel section of the body. First mention of it is in the ancient Egyptian history (1550 BC). The appliers of this method were called as “Shepherd of the Anus” in the ancient Egypt. There are references and proof of usage also in Olmec and Maya civilizations. Enema set is used todays commonly before medical treatments.

Why is Enema Set used?

Enema is mostly used before a treatment or medical examination for lower bowel cleansing, or in order to relieve the constipation of the patient. Enema is also used for inspecting diarrhea, allowing a better visual of the digestive track, encopresis treatment and as rehydration therapy for proctoclysis. Enema is sometimes the medium for alternative treatment methods, therapies and sexual activities.

Types of Enemas

There are different types of enemas. Most are made of plain water, but others contain solutions that help draw water out of the bloodstream back into the colon, such as sodium chloride or even baking soda. Others may include a lubricant, such as mineral oil or a cleansing agent, such as soap.

Specifications of Ceren Üretim Enema Set

Like all of our other products, Ceren Enema Set is made of soft and hygienic PVC material, since rectum of the patient might be vulnurable to infections. Ceren Enema Set can be easily used thanks to it’s rectum tip which is ergonomically designed. It has 1750 ml capacity. Length of the tubing is 110 cm and it is kink resistant. Enema set contains castile soap, drape, PE gloves and lubricant gel.

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Ceren Üretim Medical Products

Ceren Üretim Plastik A.Ş. is the production branch of Ceren Medikal A.Ş, which has been established in 1992. Ceren Üretim Plastik A.Ş. is steadily continues it’s investments with the experience of Ceren Medikal and grows steadily day by day.

The company, which has been a producer of medical plastic injection products since 2015, consists of 90 personnel. Production plant of Ceren Üretim which was originally in Sultanbeyli, has been relocated to Esenyurt in 2018 and continues it’s activities since then.

Product Scope of Ceren Üretim

Product scope of the company consists of 25 – 30 final products. High Concentration Oxygen Mask (for adults and children), Nebulizer Set – Mouthpiece (with T tube, with bellow), Oxygen Mask (for adult, children and infants), Nebulizer Set With Oxygen Mask (for adult, children and infants), Nasal Oxygen Cannula (for adult, children and infants), Oxygen Connector Tube, Automizer Chamber (small, medium and large), Suction Set (vacuum, non vacuum, w sump wacuum, w sump non vacuum, with filter), Suction Tip (yankeur handle plain -vacuum / non vacuum, yankeur handle sump – vacuum/ non vacuum), Suction Tube
(Sterile / Non-Steril) , Baby Urine Collector Bag (male, female), Urine Bag with Valve, Enema Set, Nail Brush (with pavidine iod 7,5%, with chlorhexidine 4%, non sterile), Vaginal Speculums (small, medium and large), Smear Brush (standart and endocervical brush), Smear Sample Container, Medical Waste Boxes (1-10 liters), Chest Drainage Set (700 cc and 2000 cc), Patient Gown (short sleeve, long sleeve), Hospital Stretcher Cover, Body Bag (for infants, children and adults), Wound Drainage Pump (150, 250 and 400 cc) are amongst the product scope of Ceren Üretim.

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We aim to take advantage of the know how developed in Ceren Medikal since 26 years. By preserving our human force, which is our most valued asset, we excel in our expertise. Please feel free to get in contact with us in order to ask anything about our products. You can fill the contact form in our contact page , mail us from bilgi@cerenuretim.com or call +90 212 494 45 75.