surgical nail brush

Surgical nail brush manufacturer

Surgeries are life-saving procedures in medicine, but if they are not carried out correctly and respecting all hygiene rules, they can put the patient’s life in danger. That is why using a surgical nail brush is essential during pre-surgical preparations. Ceren Üretim is a medical devices and tools producer, whose products meet all hygiene and safety regulations.

surgical nail brush

Hygiene is the source of healing

Hygiene rules are crucial every moment, especially before and during contact with an open wound. In medicine, doctors and all the medical team must never skip the process of cleaning and disinfecting their hands and nails using a surgical nail brush. Many post-operative infections are a result of scarce hygiene or using a low-quality surgical nail brush. Ceren Uretim is a qualified and experienced surgical nail brush producer. Our brushes are non-disinfectant and made of soft PVC material.

Soft cleaning and maximum hygiene

Our surgical nail brush is very effective at removing dead skin cells and dirt from hands and under the nails. The bristles are soft and will perfectly clean your skin without irritation.The bristles provide deep cleaning of nails and cuticles since these are the dirtiest and most affected areas by germs and dead cells.With Ceren Üretim, doctors will engage in surgeries free from care when it comes to the hygiene of their hands.

Cervical cell samples

Ceren Üretim is also a smear brush producer. This medical device is a cervical cell collector for pap tests. Our set includes two brushes, straight or round type, and are very effective in collecting cervical cells. They conduct a very accurate test, thanks to their high-quality material. Moreover, the bristles are soft, which provide a painless procedure during sample collection. Ceren Üretim is one of the most important medical devices producers in Turkey, and all of our products are a result of experience, knowledge, and desire for perfection.

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