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Oxygen Mask Producer

Oxygen Mask Production

Oxygen masks are used fort he method of transfer breathing oxygen gas from the storage tanks to the lungs of the patients. They cover the mouth and the nose, as well as entire face. For the production of the oxygen masks, plastic, rubber or silicone is used. Dr.Arthur Bulbulian is the first one who successfully created an oxygen mask.

Ceren Üretim Oxygen Masks

In Ceren Üretim, we are specialised in producing PVC medical oxygen masks. Normally the air we breathe consists 21% oxygen. In the medical treatments, a much more dense oxygen concentration is used as the air source. This density is classified as drug and can be harmful in prolonged use, patient can develop a oxygen dependance over time. Therefore this treatment should be closely monitored during operation.

Oxygen masks should be transparent in order to have the patient monitored by the medical staff and reduce the sensation of claustrophobia for the patient. In comparison to nasal cannula, which is another medium for oxygen therapy mostly used during operations, oxygen masks provide a more accurate concentration of oxygen. Medical oxygen masks, which are made of plastic (PVC) re mostly used for oxygen therapy. They are disposable in order to be used exclusively by one patient for reducing the risk of infection and maintain hygiene. Ceren oxygen masks are manufactured with DOP free medical grade PVC granules.

They are developed in high detail, in order to be ergonomic and adapt the face of the patient. Aluminium wire is used for adjusting the tightness. Connecting tube is 200 cm long and kink resistant by interior channel. Connectors are appropriated to the international standards. PVC masks are disposable. Ceren oxygen masks can be bought in the colors: transparent and green transparent. If you have further questions about this product range, please feel free to contact us.

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High Concentration Oxygen Mask
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