Baby Urine Collector Bag Production – Ceren Uretim

A baby who has a urinary illness is a very serious thing, especially when parents and medical staff have to collect urine samples needed for tests. Ceren Uretim comes in your help as a specialized baby urines collector bag manufacturer, in order to ease and simplify the process of collecting urine and to offer great samples for neat results.

How to use a collector bag for babies?

As we are a specialized baby urine collector bag manufacturer, we have been producing high quality and easy to use collector bags. With Ceren Uretim, everything is getting more simple and safe. Firstly, you have to ensure the baby’s genital area is clean and dry. For boys, simply place the urine collector over the penis, placing the tip inside the box. For girls, the collector must be opened over the vulva area. Further, gently press the adhesive parts onto the skin. A slight pulling out on the bag is needed to create a balloon effect. After the baby urinates into the bag, gently remove it and transfer the samples into a top container. While removing the bag, make sure it is kept upright so the liquid is pooled at the bottom. This simple process can be carried out by unspecialized persons such as parents, not only by doctors and nurses.

The quality of our products

We are a medical devices manufacturer and a baby urine collector bag manufacturer with a vast experience in the medical field. For this matter, we have been developing high-quality devices. Our baby urine collector bag is sterile and made of medical plastic, specially designed for sensitive and allergic babies. The seal system is secure, soft and free from pain and will not affect the baby’s comfort. Simply keep an eye on the bag to check if the baby urinated.

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nebulizer mask production

Nebulizer Mask Production – Ceren Uretim

Sometimes patients have medical conditions which can be properly treated via inhaling medication in the form of a fine mist. Specialized medical devices have to be developed specifically for this task. It is therefore a delicate task to administer medication through the respiratory system. A nebulizer mask producer from Turkey by the name of Ceren Uretim has become the preferred local manufacturer for nebulizer masks. A nebulizer mask producer has identified this as the most efficient method of delivering breathing oxygen gas from a storage tank, in conjunction with the prescribed medication to the patient’s lungs. A nebulizer mask comes as part of a set which consists of a mouthpiece, a connector tube, and a compressor.

nebulizer mask production
Nebulizer Set With Oxygen Mask


The reason why a nebulizer mask producer has to be careful in designing and manufacturing the equipment and to ensure that the masks remain consistent, and functional batch after batch and does not let the hospitals or medical professionals down. Failure of any single component of each mask puts the company, the hospital and the patient’s life at risk. Administering medication as per the correct ratios and cadence could mean the difference between a speedy recovery, a prolonged recovery or in some cases, even death. There is simply no room for error when it comes to manufacturing reliable medical equipment.

Why Use A Nebulizer Mask?

Ceren Uretim is a nebulizer mask producer whose primary focus is in manufacturing the best and latest designs of each apparatus and pays attention to delivering a quality product and service. In the medical profession, the quality of the materials used and manufacturing processes can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Therefore, all products are manufactured with DOP free medical grade PVC granules, with attention to keeping a sterile manufacturing, storage and transportation environment. Each mask is face adapted and the connector tube is kink resistant.

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Nasal Oxygen Cannula Production – Ceren Uretim

One of the most comfortable and efficient medical devices used for delivering oxygen directly to the lungs is nasal oxygen cannula. This simple medical device can ameliorate and even treat breathing disorders, no matter the stage of the illness. Ceren Uretim is a nasal oxygen cannula manufacturer, whose experienced team offers the best medical devices on the Turkish market and beyond.

The benefits of oxygen cannulas

With over 20 years of experience in medical devices production, Ceren Uretim is a specialized nasal oxygen cannula manufacturer, which uses the best materials in order to maximize the efficiency of the products and the satisfaction of the patients and medical stuff. During the oxygen delivering, the patient can develop other activities such as talking, eating and drinking. This is the prior advantage, which makes it an ideal device for children and infants, which can be treated without any discomfort. Moreover, a quality cannula will provide a painless insertion and a higher rate of durability. These being said, we are a very important nasal oxygen cannula manufacturer in Turkey, committed to producing only high-quality medical devices. As this device can be a life-saving tool sometimes, a specialized production is needed.

How to use an oxygen cannula?

Unlike the oxygen masks or other inhalers, the oxygen cannula can be used very easily and provides maximum conform to the patients during the entire medical process. The cannula is softly introduced in the nostrils, without causing pain or discomfort. During the treatment, the patient can develop any kind of activities, as long as the tube stays connected to the oxygen tank. The oxygen flow can be adjusted according to the stage of the illness and the needed oxygen by the patient. This medical device is largely used in postoperative care, to normalize and keep a normal breathing rate to the patients.

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Vaginal Speculum Manufacturer Turkey – Ceren Uretim

Our topic today is vaginal speculums. A speculum is a medical tool allowing to examine inside of a body like an endescope. In spite of an endescope, speculums allow a direct vision, whereas endescopes are using optics as medium.

Speculums Production

Vaginal and anal speculums were used since Romans and also ancient Greeks. Throughout the medical history, vaginal and anal speculums were made of stainless steel, but nowadays single use plastic (PVC) speculums are used. It is very important that the PVC material is medical grade, since inferior meterials can cause complications for the patients whose genitals are sensitive or allergic to the PVC. As Ceren Üretim, we are producing only certified materials and strictly monitor our all of our production steps to comply with all health requirements in order to have superior vaginal and anal speculums.

Vaginal Speculum Specifications

Vaginal speculums are produced in a varitey of size and shapes, according to the purpose of use. They are inserted into the vagina of the patient by the doctor, in order to have a direct view into the genitals for examination or further interventions such as a biopsy purposes.
Ceren vaginal speculums have the specialt of painless insertion, thanks to the shape which is developed with a sensitive design. They are transparent, in order to maximize the exposure of light into the vagina. Material is very light and unbreakable in order to have flexible and easy operation and high safety. 3 sizes are available: small, medium and big. They are disposible and CE certified. All of the vaginal speculums are packaged seperately for single uses, therefore they are highly hygienic. They have a flexible locking screw for maintaining the position, and they can be quickly locked. All of our vaginal speculums have 100,000 class clean room production.

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Baby Urine Collector Bag Manufacturer – Ceren Uretim

Sometimes it is necessary to get a urine sample from a baby run some tests. Urine is frequently collected at the hospital, but the sample can be collected at home as well with baby urine collector bags.

baby urine collector bag

How To Collect The Urine?

Before using the baby urine collecor bag, it is vital to wash the area around the urethra first, using clean water and mild soap or baby wipes. Start off with opening the bag and placing it on the patient. Baby urine collector bags will be used to collect the urine, a plastic bag that has a sticky line on one side of it – like a gift wrapping bag, this is made to fit the baby’s genitals and urethra. For female babies, put the baby urine collector bag over the labia. For male babies, put the penis in the bag and attach the sticky part of the bag to the skin. Over the baby urine collecter bag, put a diaper on the baby just like you would usually do it. The baby may need frequent checks in order to make sure that the sample has been collected. Put the urine from the bag to the container provided to you and be careful while doing this. Contaminating the sample might tamper with the test results in the long run. Turn your sample in. After using the baby urine collector bag, wash the area aroung the urethra again, using clean water and mild soap or baby wipes.

Why Choose Us?

We carry two different types of baby urine collector bags for the two sexes. We have one for female babies and one for male babies. As the anatomy of the two sexes is incredibly different, one type of baby urine collector bag can not be used on both of the sexes, that’s why we carry two different types.

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nebulizer mask production

Nebulizer Mask Production Turkey – Ceren Üretim

To start from the beginning, we must clarify what is a nebulizer set. It is a medical device, which heals and comforts the patients who have breathing problems and pulmonary illnesses. It is used for delivering both breathing oxygen and medical mist directly into the patient’s lungs. This nebulizer is composed of an aerosol chamber, connector tube, and a nebulizer mask. The last component is actually a mouthpiece, which is fixed on the patient’s face, covering both the mouth and the nose. The chamber is the component in which the mist prepared and pushed through the connector tube directly into the mouthpiece. Ceren Uretim is a very important nebulizer mask manufacturer in Turkey, being a leader among the medical devices producer. When it comes to nebulizers, trust, safety, and high quality are the main keys in our recipe.

Nebulizer Set With Oxygen Mask

What are the advantages of using a nebulizer?

Unlike the manual inhalers, the nebulizer masks are much easier and efficient to use. An inhaler needs a specific and controlled inhale while taking the medicine in, while the nebulizers are simple to use and very efficient. The patient is required to breathe normally, inhaling the mist inside the mouthpiece on his own breathing rhythm. For this matter, this medical device is perfect for children or infants. Ceren Uretim is a great nebulizer mask manufacturer with a wide experience in medical devices production. Our nebulizer masks are made of medical plastic, perfect for sensitive skins and allergic people. The mouthpiece comes in three sizes, for adult, child and extra mini for the infant. Moreover, the adjustable aluminum wire can easily be adjusted according to the face and head sizes, so the mask fill is comfortably fixed onto the face. Being an important nebulizer mask manufacture in Turkey, our customers are relying on us for offering the best medical devices to the patients.

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Nasal Oxygen Cannula Manufacturer – Ceren Uretim

3. Medical oxygen mask producerOxygen therapy can become a hassle very easily, but it doesn’t have to be. Nasal oxygen cannulas are medical devices used when supplemental oxygen is required for the patient. Patients may need supplementary oxygen for so many reasons; respiratory diseases, in surgery and for patients having trouble breathing -especially the elderly. Nasal oxygen cannulas are frequently used for patients who can actually breathe on their own but might benefit from oxygen therapy. There is a lot more to oxygen therapy than just the oxygen reservoir. Nasal oxygen callunas also need to be cleaned often to avoid infections of respiratory tract, as they might be fatal to the patients who already suffer from respiratory disorders.

What Are Nasal Oxygen Cannulas For?

Nasal oxgen cannulas are required for the oxygen to come out of the reservoir and get delivered into the patient’s lungs. Nasal oxygen cannulas are made of a tube that is lightweight and they can be hooked around the patient’s ears like a pair of glasses and on one end of it is two prongs that can be put put inside of the nostrils of the patient. These prongs help the oxygen flow. The other end is connected to an oxygen supply.

Why Choose Us?

Our nasal oxygen cannulas have been made with the material of medical grade PVC granules that are DOP free. They are non sterile, they are very ergonomic and not irritable to the patient. They have a standard connector that is universal to fit all oxygen concentrators by international standards. Our nasal oxygen cannulas have 200 cm connector tube and they are kink resistant by interior channel. They are also disposable. You can make oxygen therapy become very easy with our nasal oxygen cannulas as they come with a wide selection for all ages. Nasal oxygen callunas with smaller prongs are meant to be used on infants and pediatric patients.

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Vaginal Speculum Producer – Ceren Uretim

Everyone knows how important the hygiene is when collecting samples for medical tests. Ceren Üretim is a highly specialized medical devices producer in Turkey, whose experienced team creates the best products for medical usage. We offer a wide variety of medical products. Vaginal speculum is one of our products, utilized for opening the vagina walls. It gives the gynecologists the possibility to examine the vagina and the cervix or to take samples. Another product from the same range is the smear brush which is used to collect cervical specimens for cytologic smear. A smear sample container is also used for bacteriological cultures, as each patient’s smear should be placed in an individual recipient.

Maximum hygiene and safety during surgeries

Norms of hygiene are crucial before engaging in a surgery. The entire medical team must use disinfectants in order to assure maximum cleaning and safety for the patient. In order to do this, our company provides a surgical nail brush in order to avoid hospital infections as a result of insufficient or poor cleaning. This device is perfect for establishing the proper hygiene for hands, skin and nails during a pre-operative preparation. The brush is very effective and soft with your skin, nails and knuckles.

Cervical cell collectors for medical samples

Cerem Üretim is, among other medical devices producer, an important smear brush producer. This device is used for collecting cervical cells in order to conduct pap tests for women. Our smear brush production is very effective and quality. The set includes two brushes, which are straight and round type and have a very efficient collection for cell samplings. They offer a very accurate pap test reading due to their quality. In view of these facts, Cerem Üretim is a very trustable and efficient smear brush producer Turkey, whose medical devices guarantee safety, high quality and maximum hygiene.

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Baby Urine Collector Bag Manufacturing – Ceren Uretim

Baby Urine Collectors Bag and all other medical products now only on our medical material sales web site We are the leader medical material producer company of Turkey and Europe. We have thousands of customers from the all parts of the world. You can trust us on medical materials. Baby Urine Collectors Bag products can be found on our global medical web site You can give us a call now to get our perfect price offer. If you give bulk order for this product you can get a good offer from us. Please reach us from the contact section on our web site.

Baby Urine Collectors Bag with Affordable Prices

Baby Urine Collectors Bag materials and thousands of medical material option now only on our web site. Medical materials for baby treatment have to be very quality and durable. Babies are very delicate, therefore we always use the most quality production materials and raw materials on our Baby Urine Collectors Bag production. If you want to buy this product, all you need to do is reach us. We bring you the leader medical quality with low prices. If you will buy our products as wholesale please give us the details with e-mail or phone call. You can see the contact information of our web site on the contact site of web site.

Baby Urine Collectors Bag – Medical Materials

Baby medical materials and medical pieces can be seen on our global medical web site Spectacular medical quality, extra durable products with cheap prices only on our web site. If you need these products with affordable prices, we are here for you to answer your phone call. You can ask us anything you wonder. If you have different questions, desires, requests and offers, please give us a call and let’s start to work together. All disposable hospital.

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If you are interested in buying your nebulizer masks from us, you can call +90 212 494 45 75 or e-mail We have a wide customer portfolio and a large catalogue of products that we offer. You can browse our website, to view our products and contact us via e-mail or phone for purchase. All of our products are made of medical grade PVC material and they comply with health requirements. With our experience, we are here at your service. Our sales staff is willing to answer all your questions with pleasure.

nebulizer mask production

Nebulizer Set Producer Turkey – Ceren Uretim

Ceren Uretim was established in 2014 as a branch of Ceren Medical, which is one of the leading medical companies in Turkey since it’s foundation in 1992. Our company is one of the best medical products manufacturer of Turkey. Our product portfolio includes high concentration oxygen mask, nebulizer set, oxygen mask, nasal oxygen cannula, oxygen connector tube, automizer chamber, suction set, suction tip, steril and non steril suction tube, baby urine collector (bag), urine bag with valve, enema set, surgical nail brush, vaginal speculum, smear brush, smear sample container, medical waste box, chest drainage set, patient gownhospital stretcher cover, body bag and wound drainage pump. Nebulizer set manufacturer Ceren Uretim continues its operations with world standard medical degree  production.

Nebulizer Set With Oxygen Mask

Nebulizer Set Specifications

  • Manufactured with DOP free medical grade PVC granules.
  • Non steril.
  • Face adapted ergonomic mask.
  • Adjustable aluminium wire.
  • 200cm connector tube, kink resistant by interior channel.
  • Disposable.

Nebulizer Set Types

  • Adult
  • Child
  • Infant

Nebulizer Set Color Options

  • Transparent Green
  • Transparent

Why Ceren Uretim Nebulizer Sets?

Ceren Uretim nebulizer sets are produced with DOP free medical grade PVC granules. It is important that nebulizer mask or nebulizer set is made of medical grade material, since inferior materials might cause implications for the patients, especially for the ones who are sensitive or allergic to such materials. This product is non-sterile and very easy to use thanks to its adjustable aluminium wire and face adapted ergonomic mask. It has a 200cm long kink resistant connector tube.


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