3. Medical oxygen mask producer

Nebulizer Mask Producer Turkey – Ceren Uretim


One of the things to look out for when you’re sourcing a good nebulizer set is to take a look at the nebulizer mask manufacturer and inspect the quality of the items. A good nebulizer set manufacturer will be able to showcase all of the equipment and apparatus that they developed, as well as to provide information and specifications in order to answer any questions that you might have.

3. Medical oxygen mask producer



Ceren Üretim is an Istanbul based medical equipment and nebulizer set manufacturer. As a nebulizer set producer servicing the local market, they have taken great care in designing and manufacturing medical equipment to ensure that each set is up to the highest standard, and are consistently functional batch after batch. Upon implementing the latest in manufacturing processes they ensure that all of their equipment do not let hospitals or medical professionals down. Failure to foresee faulty operation of any single component of each set puts the company, hospitals and patients’ lives at risk. There is simply no room for error when it comes to manufacturing reliable medical equipment.




A nebulizer set manufacturer provides solutions to treat respiratory related medical conditions. In this case Ceren Üretim delivers a mask that is placed over the patients’ nose and mouth to provide a steady flow of air and medicine mixed together into a fine mist. Carefully adjusting the oxygen to medicine ratio is of the utmost importance to effectively treat a patient. It is therefore a delicate task to administer medication through the respiratory system. A nebulizer mask manufacturer has identified this as the most efficient method of delivering breathing oxygen gas from a storage tank, in conjunction with the prescribed medication to the patient’s lungs. A nebulizer set comes as part of a set which consists of a mouthpiece, a connector tube, and a compressor.

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nasal oxygen cannula

Nasal Oxygen Cannula Manufacturer Turkey – Ceren Uretim

Nasal Oxygen Cannula is mosly referred to as oxygen cannulas, are medical devices that deliver oxygen supplement or airflow to a patient who has difficulties breathing and in need of oxygen therapy. Nasal oxygen cannula has uses for many reasons, such as surgery and respiratory conditions. Full oxygen masks deliver a very high amount of oxygen, whereas nasal oxygen cannula delivers a lower amount, and used in conditions where lower airflow is sufficient. Advantage of nasal oxygen cannula over full oxygen mask is the easier usability of the device.

nasal oxygen cannula

Nasal Oxygen Cannulas consists of lightweight and soft PVC material tubes in order to be easily hooked around the patient’s ears and be sticked gently into the the nostrils via a set of two prongs. Oxygen flow is delivered via the prongs. Other side of the nasal oxygen cannula is connected directly to a oxygen supply such as oxygen concentrator, flowmeter or oxygen tube.

Nasal oxygen cannulas deliver oxygen in a lower flow rate such as 5 liter oxygen per minute. Oxygen need of the infants are much lower like one liter per minte, therefore, different kinds of nasal oxygen cannula are used for such patients. Air consumption of the adults are around 7 – 8 liters per minute. Average oxygen amount is about 20 % of the room air. Nasal oxygen cannula is used when a higher concentration oxygen is needed for the patient.

A very high flow of oxygen concentration can be delivered into the nose of patient, but it is mostly inconvenient and not comfortable for the most patients. In order to prevent dryness, humidifiers are started to be used. This way, up to 6 liter oxygen flow can be used without disturbances like nosebleed or asthma in patients.

Ceren Uretim Medical Products located in Turkey and continues its operations with high quality materials. Some of other  Ceren Uretim products are high concentration oxygen masknebulizer setmedical oxygen maskaerosol chamberenema setdrainage reservoir, urine collector bags etc

enema set

Enema Set Production – Ceren Uretim

An enema set producer compiles a set of items to make up an enema set, which consists of a drape, a medical bag for liquid, a kink resistant tube, a pair of PE gloves, lubricant gel and a castile soap which is an olive-oil-based soap. The set as manufactured by Ceren Uretim has a medical bag with a capacity of 1750 ml and the kink resistant PVC tubing is 110 cm in length.

What Is An Enema Set?

Each enema set producer uses a soft and hygienic PVC material, complying with medical standards for medical equipment. It’s perfect for medical use since its clean, soft enough to use without risk of injuring vulnerable areas of patients and its kink-resistant flexibility. This is ideal since the rectum of a patient is sensitive and might be prone to infections. Therefore, any damage to the rectum should be avoided at all costs. The enema set from Ceren Uretim is easy to use because of the ergonomic design of the rectum tip.

enema set

Why Use An Enema Set?

An enema is the treatment method of injecting a specified liquid into the rectum, with the intention of cleansing or residing within the lower bowels of the body. Each medical producer knows there are various reasons for using an enema set, and therefore designs it with this purpose in mind. Primarily the purpose for an enema is to cleanse the bowels of a patient. The reasons for cleansing the bowels may range from preparation for inspection by a medical practitioner to allow for a better visual of the digestive tract, encopresis treatment and as a means of rehydration therapy to supplement the liquid intake of the body, which is known as proctoclysis. This aids to relieve constipation or for inspecting diarrhea. Be sure to contact us for your preferred medical producer.

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Baby Urine Collector Bag Manufacturing Turkey – Ceren Uretim

Urine Bags with valve are used for collecting and temporarily storing urine for medical purposes. Urine Bags are strapped to the upper leg of the patient and are generally used while the patient is in bed or in a wheelchair. Urine Bags are drainable and they allow the patient to continue using the urine bag for a period of time.

urine bag

When the urine bag becomes unhygienic or unusable, the urine bag is disposed. Urine bags are also used for urinal sample collection for testing purposes. The head section is gently attached to the genitals of the patient and when the patient urinates, urine is flowed into the drainage bag. It should be labelled with the patient information such as name, age and sample collection date. For having an exact result of the urinary tests, collected sample should be delivered in time and stored in appropriate conditions before the test.

Specifications of Ceren Medical Products Urine Bag

Ceren Medical Urine Bags are disposable and has 1500 ml capacity. They are portable and leak free. They are appropriate and designed both for adults or youths.

How should Ceren Medical Urine Bag be used ?

Ceren medical Urine Bag can be used in allday life without problem. Drainage bag is attached to the leg and patient can walk freely with it. They can be hidden under the skirt, pants or dresses. It can be strapped to the patient’s leg with elastic straps. Urine bag should be placed lower than the bladder. Otherwise, urine can flow back into the patient’s bladder. In order to empty it, it should be kept over the hip level and urine should be drained into toilet or where it is appropriate. Urine bag should not be kept in bags. After removing it, genital area should be cleaned with alcohol or other appropriate material.

Nebulizer Mask Manufacturer – Ceren Uretim

Nebulizer mask wholesale selling web site cerenuretim.com presents. We have medical material products with afforable prices on this web site. By checking our categories and products you can see our high quality. We always use the best raw materials on the production and always give the most quality products to all around the world. We are a nature-friend company and always produce healthy products in Ceren Uretim medical materials production company. Nebulizer mask medical material and all other medic items now here for our customers from all around the world. We have thousands of customers world-wide. We are proud of our quality because we care our production method. We save the world with you together.

Nebulizer Mask with Low Prices

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Nebulizer Mask Wholesale Trade

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If you are interested in buying your nebulizer masks from us, you can call +90 212 494 45 75 or e-mail bilgi@cerenuretim.com. We have a wide customer portfolio and a large catalogue of products that we offer. You can browse our website, www.cerenuretim.com to view our products and contact us via e-mail or phone for purchase. All of our products are made of medical grade PVC material and they comply with health requirements. With our experience, we are here at your service. Our sales staff is willing to answer all your questions with pleasure.

Nasal Oxygen Cannula Manufacturing Turkey – Ceren Uretim

When a person has breathing troubles or respiratory disorders and he cannot inhale enough oxygen naturally, doctors use a nasal oxygen cannula or an oxygen mask. These procedures are meant to reduce the patient’s discomfort and afterward to heal diseases such as asthma, pneumonia, post-surgical breathing problems or even sleep apnea.

When to use?

A nasal oxygen cannula is used in the incipient phase of illnesses when the required concentration of oxygen delivery is low or medium. Nasal cannulas are also used by pilots or passengers. They provide extra oxygen in order to compensate for the low oxygen available at high altitudes. A nasal oxygen cannula has 1-4 flow rates per minute, and for these reasons they may not be suitable for acute respiratory disorders. In this case, oxygen masks are more suitable. Ceren Uretim is also an important and qualified oxygen mask manufacturer Turkey, trying to ease the suffering and pains caused by respiratory disorders.

How to use?

Using a nasal oxygen cannula is very easy and comfortable for patients. The cannula is introduced in the nostrils without any pain or discomfort, while the tube is connected to a storage tank of oxygen. Depending on the patient’s breathing rhythm, the necessary amount of breathing oxygen will be provided to the nose and into the lungs. The advantages of using this device are: possibility to eat and drink, the possibility of talking, the risk of carbon dioxide rebreathing is reduced.

Quality for free care usage

All of our products meet the hygiene, health and quality requirements. Regarding our nasal oxygen cannula production, we use our best knowledge and experienced team to produce high-quality products, appropriated to the international standards. This device is manufactured with DOP free medical PVC granules and has a non irritable ergonomic cannula. Moreover, the tube is kink resistant.

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enema set

Enema Set Manufacturer – Ceren Uretim

Our company has lots of experience in medical devices production. We offer a wide range of quality products. The enema set is a medical device used to inject fluid into the lower bowel through the rectum. This device is used for patients who face up with constipation problems. It is also used for bowel cleansing before a surgery or a medical examination. The set consists in a medical bag for liquid, gloves, lubricant gel, kink resistant tube, drape and castile soap, everything you need for a soft, painless procedure.

Medical devices for a carefree life

Another product that our company offers is the aerosol chamber. This device releases the patient from breathing difficulties such as acute asthma or other respiratory infections.

An easier life for both doctors and patients

Another medical device is yankauer suction set which is mostly used by dentists during examination or surgeries. The device is an oral suctioning tool designed to softly absorbing the water and saliva during a dental medical procedure. This product eased considerably the dentist’s work and it also increased the patient’s comfort.

Another device that has a low vacuum aspiration level is the drainage reservoir that are used to drain the wounds, keeping them far away from infections and blood collection. They are also used during surgeries in order to vacuum the excessive blood.

Urine collection for infants

There are cases when doctors require urine samples from babies in order to make some tests. For sure it is not an easy task since the infant cannot cooperate. In order to make this easier, we provide a baby urine collectors bag which very efficient and simple to use. The special bag that collects the urine has a sticky strip on one end. In this way, you can fit it over the infant’s genital area. You can put a diaper over it and wait till the bag collected the necessary amount of urine.

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Baby Urine Collector Bag Producer – Ceren Uretim

It is sometimes required to collect a urine sample to perform medical tests, and this includes samples from babies. It can be difficult to collect a sample from an infant on demand, as samples are often taken in the office of a medical practitioner. Babies may need some time to relieve their bladder and when that time comes, you want your baby urine collector to be ready. Ceren Üretim is a medical equipment and uniform manufacturer in Turkey, which supplies clean and sterile baby urine collectors.

How Does it Work?

To collect a urine sample from a baby, the baby’s genitals and surrounding area needs to be thoroughly cleaned/washed. The baby urine collector has an adhesive strip around the opening and this opening will have to be placed over the baby’s genital area. Carefully place this opening over the baby’s genital area and try to ensure that there are no air pockets inside the urine collector bag. You may now dress the baby with his/her diaper and clothes (being careful not to move the bag, and to place the clothing and/or diaper over the bag). Check the baby often as the urine collector may move depending on how active the baby is.


Things to Look Out For

Treating and testing for a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) requires a urine sample to be collected from your baby. A baby urine collector is a great way to collect a sterile sample. Unfortunately it is not always so easy to collect a sample without risking contamination from germs. It is very important that the urine from your child is collected in a clean (sterile) way, and is not contaminated by bacteria from the skin. This could be worse if your baby shows symptoms of a UTI which could be anything from vomiting, diarrhea, foul smelling urine or a fever, making it difficult to collect a sterile sample.

Ceren Üretim has a professional team with a rich experience in the medical field and is a top uniform producer in Turkey. You may contact a representative with any further questions that you may have.

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nebulizer mask production

Nebulizer Set Manufacturer Turkey – Ceren Uretim

A nebulizer set comprises of a mouthpiece called the nebulizer mask, a connector tube and a chamber where medicine is mixed with air. A nebulizer (the chamber) itself is the most crucial component in a nebulizer set, as this is the part that holds the medication, and turns it into a mist before it’s released into the nebulizer mask. You may need to use a nebulizer set if you have a respiratory disorder and you need breathing assistance, or if you need medication administered to you by inhaling it into the lungs.

How does it work?

A patient places the nebulizer mask over the nose and mouth, and breathes in the medication in the form of a mist. The medication is mixed with air in the nebulizer chamber by means of compressed air or ultrasonic sound. The nebulizer mask is also efficient in delivering breathing oxygen from a storage tank to the patient’s lungs.

The mouthpiece can be washed with warm water and soap, and the connector tube should be replaced after a few uses.

What is it used for?

Sometimes patients have a condition that require medication or oxygen to be delivered into their lungs. This ensures treatment in situations where patients have difficulty breathing, have damage to their lungs or have respiratory related diseases such as asthma. This method is effective in treating respiratory diseases in children, infants or disabled people. The mask fits comfortably over the mouth and nose.

Nebulizer Set With Oxygen Mask

Ceren Üretim is a nebulizer set and uniform producer in Turkey, and uses medical grade PVC granules that comply with all the prescribed health and safety regulations. Ceren Üretim has a professional team with a rich experience in the medical field and uniform production.

What’s included in the set?

  • A face adapted ergonomic mask
  • An adjustable aluminium wire
  • 200 cm connector tube (kink resistant)
  • 8 ml nebulizer cup

The face mask comes in three sizes: Adult, Child and Infant. And is available in two colors: Transparent and Transparent Green.

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nasal oxygen cannula

Nasal Oxygen Cannula Producer – Ceren Uretim

A nasal oxygen cannula is a medical device used in treating and ameliorating breathing disorders by pumping breathing oxygen directly to the patient’s nostrils. Ceren Uretim is one of the best medical devices producers in Turkey that offers a wide variety of high-quality products for top hospitals and treatments.

Low vs High Flow Nasal Cannulas

In general, a nasal oxygen cannula delivers supplemental oxygen from a tank stored with breathing oxygen at lower flow rates, up to around 5 liters per minute. This flow rate assures maximum comfort while being pumped in, so the nostrils and air vessels will not be hurt or dried out. In some cases, patients may need a nasal oxygen cannula that carries oxygen at higher flow rates in order to quickly calm down more severe breathing problems. It is normally used for a short period of time, till the patient calms down and the breathing is relieved. Ceren Uretim is a nasal oxygen manufacturer that offers the best quality and high functionality nasal cannulas, that can perfectly suit with many types of breathing disorders and with patients of all ages.

nasal oxygen cannula

Pediatric cannulas

The biggest advantage of a nasal oxygen cannula is the carefree usage and the comfort it gives to patients while they are using it. In contrast with oxygen masks, nasal cannulas are almost unfelt by the patients, giving them the opportunity to speak, eat or move freely. The lightweight tube hooks around the patient’s ears and gently penetrates the nostrils. For this reason, these nasal cannulas medical devices are preferred in pediatric use, especially for infants. Moreover, the lightweight tube is manufactured with DOP free medical grade PVC granules, which is kink resistant and nonallergic. The ergonomic cannula gently rests inside the nostrils without irritating the soft and thin layer inside the nostrils.

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