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Nebulizer Set Production

We will have a deep dive into our product range as a series of articles. As beginning, we will start with nebulizer mask/ nebulizer set:

Nebulizer Sets Usage Areas

A nebulizer, or nebulise is used by patients to receive medication in the form of a mist by inhaling it into the lungs. Nebulizers are mainly used agains cystic fibrosis, asthma, COPD and other diseases or disorders.
Compressed air, ultrasonic power or oxygen is used in nebulizers in order to break up solutions and suspensions into small droplets and they are inhaled from the mouthpiece of the nebuliser set/ nebuliser mask or (nebulizer set/ nebulizer mask) . It is important that nebuliser mask or nebuliser set is made of medical grade material, since inferior materials might cause implications for the patients, especially for the ones who are sensitive or allergic to such materials.

Some institutions such as Global Initiative for Asthma Guidelines [GINA], the British Guidelines on the management of Asthma, The Canadian Pediatric Asthma Consensus Guidelines, and United States Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Asthma recommend the use of metered does inhalers as well as the treatments with nebulizers.
Medications used with nebuliser mask or nebuliser sets should be in a liquid solution form. Corticosteroids and bronchodilators such as salbutamol (albuterol USAN) are mostly used in combination with ipratropium, in order to target the effect to the respiratory tract. Respiratory tract accelerates the onset of action of the medicine and side effects of the medicines are reduced significantly with this method, as compared to alternative intake routes.
Nebuliser masks is another form when a mouthpiece cannot be used, as instance, for the childrens or infants. Only downside is the possible loss of medicine in the nose.

Nebulizer Set Producer Ceren Üretim

As Ceren Üretim, we have a clear expertise about this product scope since years and proven our quality regarding the positive customer feedbacks. You can get detailed information about our nebulizer set products from this page.

Ceren Üretim

As Ceren Üretim, we are a highly specialised company in medical products. All of our products have medical grade PVC material, and are ensured to comply with all health requirements. Since we are operating in medical products industry for many years and since the average experience of our employers is very high compared to other companies. This is one of our distinctive qualities.

Why Ceren Üretim?

In Ceren Üretim, we highly care about the feedback of our customers and also from our business partners, who are respectible members of the health industry. It is one of our aims to strictly follow the advancements in the health and medical products industry, as well as the PVC sector which are operating for markets other than health industry. We also take one step further and develop new technologies thanks to our know how, where we excel amongst the other companies in PVC medical product producers.

Our Product Range

We highly care to concentrate our know how in specific products / areas in order to have state of art products and maintaining the price level in attractive level. Our product range consists of: Oxygen Mask, Nebulizer Set With Oxygen Mask, Nasal Oxygen Cannula, Oxygen Connector Tube, Automizer Chamber, Suction Set, Suction Tip, Suction Tube (Steril / Non-Steril), Baby Urine Collector (Bag), Urine Bag with Valve, Enema Set, Nail Brush, Vaginal Speculums, Smear Brush, Smear Sample Container, Medical Waste Boxes, Chest Drainage Set, Patient Gown, Hospital Stretcher Cover, Body Bag and Wound Drainage Pump.

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