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Recent treatments for lungs diseases or other respiratory problems use nebulizers as a more efficient way of delivering the drugs to the patient. A nebulizer set consists in a mouthpiece used to inhale the mist and a connector tube that transfers the vapors from the compressor to the mask. Doctors prescribe nebulizers as treatment or breathing therapy which comfort and heal the patients with breathing problems such as severe asthma or respiratory infections. A nebulizer mask is easier to use than pocket-sized inhalers especially for infants and children who are not old enough to use inhalers.

Nebulizer Set With Oxygen Mask

Ceren Uretim among the biggest medical device producer in Turkey

Our company is a very qualified medical producer, being known as an important nebulizer mask manufacturer as well. Our quality products are defined by superior materials used in production, such as DOP free medical grade PVC granules, adjustable aluminum wire, kink resistant connector tube and a non-sterile device. Being an experienced nebulizer mask manufacturer Turkey, we pay maximum attention to our products, using medical grade materials, specially created for sensitive and allergic people. Concurrently, Ceren Uretim is a nebulizer mask producer turkey whose products are easy to use due to their face adapted ergonomic masks and adjustable aluminum wires.

How to clean and properly care for a nebulizer

Since nowadays nebulizer mask production is quite developed, these medical devices do not require much maintenance. However, it is very important to make sure the nebulizer is cleaned and disinfected before starting the treatment. Since the patient inhales the vapors from the oxygen mask, it should be cleaned in order to avoid interaction with bacteria and other germs that may grow inside. The mouthpiece can be washed with liquid soap and warm water or with disinfectant solution. The tube cannot be cleaned after every usage therefore it should be replaced regularly.

Ceren Uretim is a nebulizer mask producer which missions is to provide quality medical devices to customers and patients.

If you think you need to strengthen up your supply chain, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to visit you on-site and share our medical solutions according to your needs.

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