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Nebulizer Mask Usage

Having the roots in ancient medicine, a nebulizer is a drug delivery device for aerosol medications. In the old days, people used to heal respiratory problems through inhaling herbal mists. Nowadays, modern medicine has developed the nebulizer set, a modern and smart device, which has a very effective rate of healing lungs diseases and respiratory illnesses. The nebulizer delivers the mist directly to the affected areas and calms down the patient in few minutes. The set consists of a face mask and a tubing that connect to the compressor. A nebulizer is generally used for treating illnesses such as flu, bronchitis, allergies, lung diseases, sinusitis, asthma, and others. Ceren Üretim is a nebulizer mask manufacturer Turkey whose experienced employers provide high-quality sets of nebulizers for best usage.

Nebulizer Set With Oxygen Mask

Always the best quality for medical purposes

Ceren Üretim is a medical devices producer which knows the importance of quality products in medicine. For this purpose, our experience and constant improvement have made us an important and qualified manufacturer. All of our products are made of medical grade PVC material and correspond with all health requirements. Regarding the nebulizer production, our experienced team leads the company among the best nebulizer mask producer in Turkey.

Benefits of nebulizers

The first and main benefit of a nebulizer mask is quick and direct delivery of medication. Unlike oral drugs which take more than 30 minutes to pass into the bloodstream, this device sends the mist directly to the respiratory tract. Nebulizers treat acute respiratory illnesses and prevent them from developing. Also, compared to oral and injectable medications, nebulizers have fewer side effects.

Delivery and ease of use

Because a nebulizer does not require effort to use, it is painless and has almost no side effect, it is perfect for infants, children or disabled people. When it comes to these 3 categories of patients, a nebulizer is easier to use than an inhaler, because it does not require control over the breathing during inhalation. You just have to fix the mask on your face and breathe normally.

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