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Nebulizer Mask Manufacturer Turkey

To start from the beginning, we must clarify what is a nebulizer set. It is a medical device, which heals and comforts the patients who have breathing problems and pulmonary illnesses. It is used for delivering both breathing oxygen and medical mist directly into the patient’s lungs. This nebulizer is composed of an aerosol chamber, connector tube, and a nebulizer mask. The last component is actually a mouthpiece, which is fixed on the patient’s face, covering both the mouth and the nose. The chamber is the component in which the mist prepared and pushed through the connector tube directly into the mouthpiece. Ceren Uretim is a very important nebulizer mask manufacturer in Turkey, being a leader among the medical devices producer. When it comes to nebulizers, trust, safety, and high quality are the main keys in our recipe.

Nebulizer Set With Oxygen Mask

What are the advantages of using a nebulizer?

Unlike the manual inhalers, the nebulizer masks are much easier and efficient to use. An inhaler needs a specific and controlled inhale while taking the medicine in, while the nebulizers are simple to use and very efficient. The patient is required to breathe normally, inhaling the mist inside the mouthpiece on his own breathing rhythm. For this matter, this medical device is perfect for children or infants. Ceren Uretim is a great nebulizer mask manufacturer with a wide experience in medical devices production. Our nebulizer masks are made of medical plastic, perfect for sensitive skins and allergic people. The mouthpiece comes in three sizes, for adult, child and extra mini for the infant. Moreover, the adjustable aluminum wire can easily be adjusted according to the face and head sizes, so the mask fill is comfortably fixed onto the face. Being an important nebulizer mask manufacture in Turkey, our customers are relying on us for offering the best medical devices to the patients.

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