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One of the most comfortable and efficient medical devices used for delivering oxygen directly to the lungs is nasal oxygen cannula. This simple medical device can ameliorate and even treat breathing disorders, no matter the stage of the illness. Ceren Uretim is a nasal oxygen cannula manufacturer, whose experienced team offers the best medical devices on the Turkish market and beyond.

The benefits of oxygen cannulas

With over 20 years of experience in medical devices production, Ceren Uretim is a specialized nasal oxygen cannula manufacturer, which uses the best materials in order to maximize the efficiency of the products and the satisfaction of the patients and medical stuff. During the oxygen delivering, the patient can develop other activities such as talking, eating and drinking. This is the prior advantage, which makes it an ideal device for children and infants, which can be treated without any discomfort. Moreover, a quality cannula will provide a painless insertion and a higher rate of durability. These being said, we are a very important nasal oxygen cannula manufacturer in Turkey, committed to producing only high-quality medical devices. As this device can be a life-saving tool sometimes, a specialized production is needed.

How to use an oxygen cannula?

Unlike the oxygen masks or other inhalers, the oxygen cannula can be used very easily and provides maximum conform to the patients during the entire medical process. The cannula is softly introduced in the nostrils, without causing pain or discomfort. During the treatment, the patient can develop any kind of activities, as long as the tube stays connected to the oxygen tank. The oxygen flow can be adjusted according to the stage of the illness and the needed oxygen by the patient. This medical device is largely used in postoperative care, to normalize and keep a normal breathing rate to the patients.

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