nasal oxygen cannula

Nasal Oxygen Cannula Producer – Ceren Uretim

A nasal oxygen cannula is a medical device used in treating and ameliorating breathing disorders by pumping breathing oxygen directly to the patient’s nostrils. Ceren Uretim is one of the best medical devices producers in Turkey that offers a wide variety of high-quality products for top hospitals and treatments.

Low vs High Flow Nasal Cannulas

In general, a nasal oxygen cannula delivers supplemental oxygen from a tank stored with breathing oxygen at lower flow rates, up to around 5 liters per minute. This flow rate assures maximum comfort while being pumped in, so the nostrils and air vessels will not be hurt or dried out. In some cases, patients may need a nasal oxygen cannula that carries oxygen at higher flow rates in order to quickly calm down more severe breathing problems. It is normally used for a short period of time, till the patient calms down and the breathing is relieved. Ceren Uretim is a nasal oxygen manufacturer that offers the best quality and high functionality nasal cannulas, that can perfectly suit with many types of breathing disorders and with patients of all ages.

nasal oxygen cannula

Pediatric cannulas

The biggest advantage of a nasal oxygen cannula is the carefree usage and the comfort it gives to patients while they are using it. In contrast with oxygen masks, nasal cannulas are almost unfelt by the patients, giving them the opportunity to speak, eat or move freely. The lightweight tube hooks around the patient’s ears and gently penetrates the nostrils. For this reason, these nasal cannulas medical devices are preferred in pediatric use, especially for infants. Moreover, the lightweight tube is manufactured with DOP free medical grade PVC granules, which is kink resistant and nonallergic. The ergonomic cannula gently rests inside the nostrils without irritating the soft and thin layer inside the nostrils.

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