Nasal Oxygen Cannula

3. Medical oxygen mask producerOxygen therapy can become a hassle very easily, but it doesn’t have to be. Nasal oxygen cannulas are medical devices used when supplemental oxygen is required for the patient. Patients may need supplementary oxygen for so many reasons; respiratory diseases, in surgery and for patients having trouble breathing -especially the elderly. Nasal oxygen cannulas are frequently used for patients who can actually breathe on their own but might benefit from oxygen therapy. There is a lot more to oxygen therapy than just the oxygen reservoir. Nasal oxygen callunas also need to be cleaned often to avoid infections of respiratory tract, as they might be fatal to the patients who already suffer from respiratory disorders.

What Are Nasal Oxygen Cannulas For?

Nasal oxgen cannulas are required for the oxygen to come out of the reservoir and get delivered into the patient’s lungs. Nasal oxygen cannulas are made of a tube that is lightweight and they can be hooked around the patient’s ears like a pair of glasses and on one end of it is two prongs that can be put put inside of the nostrils of the patient. These prongs help the oxygen flow. The other end is connected to an oxygen supply.

Why Choose Us?

Our nasal oxygen cannulas have been made with the material of medical grade PVC granules that are DOP free. They are non sterile, they are very ergonomic and not irritable to the patient. They have a standard connector that is universal to fit all oxygen concentrators by international standards. Our nasal oxygen cannulas have 200 cm connector tube and they are kink resistant by interior channel. They are also disposable. You can make oxygen therapy become very easy with our nasal oxygen cannulas as they come with a wide selection for all ages. Nasal oxygen callunas with smaller prongs are meant to be used on infants and pediatric patients.

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