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High concentration oxygen masks, also known as “non rebreathing masks” provide oxygen at a larger concentration. They are used to assist the delivery of oxygen therapy and A and E departments for physical trauma patients, patients who suffer from smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning.

high concentration oxygen mask producer

How To Use A High Concentration Oxygen Mask

To use a high concentration oxygen mask, the patient needs to be able to breathe on his or her own, but unlike nasal cannula, high concentration oxygen masks allow a higher concentration of oxygen in the patient’s lungs. A high concentration oxygen mask covers both the mouth and nose of the pation. It is attacked with a cord around his or her head. The high concentration oxygen mask is attached to a reservoir bag. Our masks come with bags that holds between 750 and 1500 mls of oxygen. Before being placed on the patient, the bag needs to be filled around two thirds with oxygen. If the bag is empty, the patient will not have air to breathe and the oxygen therapy will not succeed.

Why Choose Us?

Our high concentration oxygen masks are made of medical grade PVC material. They have a standard connector. They have kink resistant tubing. They have a non rebreather valve. They are made to be latex free so everyone, including patients with a latex alergy can use them. They come with an adjustable nasal clip for every patient to use regardless of their bone structure. Our high concentration oxygen masks come in two sizes for adults and children so all patients can use our product regardless of their age. They have a one way valve that delivers oxygen to the reservoir bag and therefore achieve high concentrations of oxygen. This valve also prevents the exhaled air from entering the reservoir bag.

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