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Are you looking for a high concentration oxygen mask manufacturer in Turkey? Why not contact Ceren Üretim and take a look at the products on offer? You may very well source your next top-quality oxygen mask directly from us.

High Concentration Oxygen Mask

About Our High Concentration Oxygen Mask


We have developed our high concentration oxygen mask to satisfy both the administration of oxygen to patients as well as to fit comfortably and operate efficiently while doing so. Our design regulates and administers oxygen through a mouthpiece that is placed over the patient’s nose and mouth, providing an unobstructed flow of oxygen. We use a soft medical grade hygienic PVC material as an oxygen mask manufacturer. The oxygen mask comes with a mouthpiece, an adjustable nasal clip (to keep the mouthpiece securely in place), a non-re-breather valve, a standard connector, a 750 ml – 1500 ml reservoir bag and kink resistant tubing.


Your Preferred Supplier Ceren Üretim


We take pride in being the preferred high concentration oxygen mask manufacturer to our clients. Having doctors, hospitals and patients place their faith in our products is an honor, and we take the responsibility that comes with it very seriously. Our manufacturing process is state of the art by using only the best materials, having quality control checks at multiple points and continually investing in – and training our staff. We realized that there was a need for dependable, accurate and safe medical equipment in Turkey and decided to design and manufacture our own product. Our expertise in manufacturing combined with our knowledge of – and experience with medical equipment allows us to become the best high concentration oxygen mask manufacturer. We can meet both small and larger scale orders in an accurate lead and delivery timeframe.


Feel free to explore our products and contact us if you have any questions or would like to inspect any of our products.

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If you think you need to strengthen up your supply chain, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to visit you on-site and share our medical solutions according to your needs.

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