high concentration oxygen mask producer

High Concentration Oxygen Mask Manufacturer – Ceren Uretim

A high concentration oxygen mask is an apparatus that is used to regulate and administer additional oxygen to a patient. The mask/mouth piece is placed over the patient’s nose and mouth allowing for easy and unobstructed flow through the nose or mouth. Typically an oxygen mask comes with the mouthpiece, an adjustable nasal clip (to keep the mouthpiece securely in place on any patient), a non-re-breather valve, a standard connector, a 750 ml – 1500 ml reservoir bag and kink resistant tubing.

high concentration oxygen mask producer

What Is a High Concentration Oxygen Mask?

Each high concentration oxygen mask producer uses a soft and hygienic PVC material, complying with the standards for materials used in medical equipment. It’s perfect for medical use since its clean, firm yet soft enough to use without the risk of hurting patients. This makes it the ideal apparatus to use on young and older patients since the nasal clip is adjustable and the material is comfortable on the skin. The oxygen mask from Ceren Uretim is therefore safe to use on all patients.

Why Use a High Concentration Oxygen Mask?

A high concentration oxygen mask producer is focused on increasing the level of oxygen breathed in by a patient. The reasons for administering additional oxygen is to assist or provide relief to patients with respiratory conditions which prevents them from taking in sufficient oxygen through normal breathing. Each high concentration oxygen mask producer manufactures a non-re-breather valve which allows oxygen to be delivered to the attached reservoir bag during breathing and minimises air from being re-breathed to achieve a high oxygen concentration. The valve also prevents exhaled air from entering the reservoir bag. The reservoir bag functions as a temporary storage for oxygen before it is inhaled and helps to reduce oxygen loss during inhaling. Be sure to contact Ceren Uretim as your preferred high concentration oxygen mask producer.

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