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Enema Set Producer Turkey: Ceren Uretim

An enema set producer compiles a set of items to make up an enema set, which consists of a drape, a medical bag for liquid, a kink resistant tube, a pair of PE gloves, lubricant gel and a castile soap which is an olive-oil-based soap. The set as manufactured by Ceren Uretim has a medical bag with a capacity of 1750 ml and the kink resistant PVC tubing is 110 cm in length.

What Is An Enema Set?

Each enema set producer uses a soft and hygienic PVC material, complying with medical standards for medical equipment. It’s perfect for medical use since its clean, soft enough to use without risk of injuring vulnerable areas of patients and its kink-resistant flexibility. This is ideal since the rectum of a patient is sensitive and might be prone to infections. Therefore, any damage to the rectum should be avoided at all costs. The enema set from Ceren Uretim is easy to use because of the ergonomic design of the rectum tip.

enema set

Why Use An Enema Set?

An enema is the treatment method of injecting a specified liquid into the rectum, with the intention of cleansing or residing within the lower bowels of the body. Each medical producer knows there are various reasons for using an enema set, and therefore designs it with this purpose in mind. Primarily the purpose for an enema is to cleanse the bowels of a patient. The reasons for cleansing the bowels may range from preparation for inspection by a medical practitioner to allow for a better visual of the digestive tract, encopresis treatment and as a means of rehydration therapy to supplement the liquid intake of the body, which is known as proctoclysis. This aids to relieve constipation or for inspecting diarrhea. Be sure to contact us for your preferred medical producer.

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