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The word enema is derived from Greek and it means “injection”. Enema is a method in which a specified liquid is injected into the rectum. Enema sets are commonly used before medical treatments. Enema sets are usually used for lower bowel cleansing in order to relieve constipation. Enema sets can also be used for examining diarrhea, examining the digestive track, rehydration therapy and encopresis treatment. There are many different types of enema sets. Most enemas are made of plain water but other enemas contain other solutions (such as sodium chloride) as well, in order to help draw water out of the bloodstream and back into the colon. Other types of enemas may include a lubricant (such as mineral oil or a cleaning agent like soap).

enema set

Our Product

Our enema sets are made up of soft and medical material PVC. It is very important for the material to be medical grade as rectum of a patient might be vulnerable to get infected. Our enema sets are ergonomically designed and can easily be used. Our enema sets have a 1750 ml capacity. The tubing is 110 cm long and it is also kink resistant. Our enema sets contain castile soap, drape, lubricant gel and PE gloves.

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If you are interested in buying your nebulizer masks from us, you can call +90 212 494 45 75 or e-mail bilgi@cerenuretim.com. We have a wide customer portfolio and a large catalogue of products that we offer. You can browse our website, www.cerenuretim.com to view our products and contact us via e-mail or phone for purchase. All of our products are made of medical grade PVC material and they comply with health requirements. With our experience, we are here at your service. Our sales staff is willing to answer all your questions with pleasure.


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