Enema Set and usage

Enema is a Word derived form Greek and it’s meaning is “injection”. Enema is a treatment method, which is done by injecting a specified liquid into rectum, aiming to reach the lower bowel section of the body. First mention of it is in the ancient Egyptian history (1550 BC). The appliers of this method were called as “Shepherd of the Anus” in the ancient Egypt. There are references and proof of usage also in Olmec and Maya civilizations. Enema set is used todays commonly before medical treatments.

Why is Enema Set used?

Enema is mostly used before a treatment or medical examination for lower bowel cleansing, or in order to relieve the constipation of the patient. Enema is also used for inspecting diarrhea, allowing a better visual of the digestive track, encopresis treatment and as rehydration therapy for proctoclysis. Enema is sometimes the medium for alternative treatment methods, therapies and sexual activities.

Types of Enemas

There are different types of enemas. Most are made of plain water, but others contain solutions that help draw water out of the bloodstream back into the colon, such as sodium chloride or even baking soda. Others may include a lubricant, such as mineral oil or a cleansing agent, such as soap.

Specifications of Ceren Üretim Enema Set

Like all of our other products, Ceren Enema Set is made of soft and hygienic PVC material, since rectum of the patient might be vulnurable to infections. Ceren Enema Set can be easily used thanks to it’s rectum tip which is ergonomically designed. It has 1750 ml capacity. Length of the tubing is 110 cm and it is kink resistant. Enema set contains castile soap, drape, PE gloves and lubricant gel.

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