Drainage reservoir manufacturer

A drainage reservoir is a medical device used in the recovery process of an open wound, during surgery, or to drain off the post-operative wounds. The drainage reservoir is actually a collector recipient of excessive blood, festering or water. Ceren Uretim is an important medical devices producer in Turkey, and a drainage reservoir producer as well. Our products stand out in relief due to their high-quality material and precise functionality.

Wound drainage in surgeries

A wound drainage system is a crucial device during surgical and post-surgical procedures. It assists the patient in his recovery process by cleaning out the wound and pushing out the blood excess or other dangerous fluids in a drainage reservoir. In this way, the probability of wound infections reduces, and the surrounding skin is protected and stays healthy.

How to use?

This medical device is easy to use and ease the doctor’s jobs during surgeries. The drainage set consists of one long silicone tube, which is inserted into the wound, and a drainage reservoir that collects the fluids through suction. In this way, the wound stays clean and free from excessive blood that can obstruct the doctor’s sight. The tube has 4 holes along its length in order to eliminate the pressure and provide effective drainage.

The importance of a suction set

A yankauer suction set is used for blood and other fluids removal during both open surgeries or dental interventions. The tube is connected to an external source of suction and collector reservoir. Tooth extractions or other dental procedures can be very difficult for both the doctor and the patient without a drainage device, which removes excessive saliva, blood, water, and other fluids from the mouth. In this way, the patient is comfortable and he does not feel the sensation of suffocation or ingestion of fluids.

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