nasal oxygen cannula

Deep dive into the Ceren Medical Products Nasal Oxygen Cannula

Nasal Oxygen Cannula is mosly referred to as oxygen cannulas, are medical devices that deliver oxygen supplement or airflow to a patient who has difficulties breathing and in need of oxygen therapy. Nasal oxygen cannula has uses for many reasons, such as surgery and respiratory conditions. Full oxygen masks deliver a very high amount of oxygen, whereas nasal oxygen cannula delivers a lower amount, and used in conditions where lower airflow is sufficient. Advantage of nasal oxygen cannula over full oxygen mask is the easier usability of the device.

nasal oxygen cannula

Nasal Oxygen Cannulas consists of lightweight and soft PVC material tubes in order to be easily hooked around the patient’s ears and be sticked gently into the the nostrils via a set of two prongs. Oxygen flow is delivered via the prongs. Other side of the nasal oxygen cannula is connected directly to a oxygen supply such as oxygen concentrator, flowmeter or oxygen tube.

Nasal oxygen cannulas deliver oxygen in a lower flow rate such as 5 liter oxygen per minute. Oxygen need of the infants are much lower like one liter per minte, therefore, different kinds of nasal oxygen cannula are used for such patients. Air consumption of the adults are around 7 – 8 liters per minute. Average oxygen amount is about 20 % of the room air. Nasal oxygen cannula is used when a higher concentration oxygen is needed for the patient.

A very high flow of oxygen concentration can be delivered into the nose of patient, but it is mostly inconvenient and not comfortable for the most patients. In order to prevent dryness, humidifiers are started to be used. This way, up to 6 liter oxygen flow can be used without disturbances like nosebleed or asthma in patients.

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