Ceren Üretim Baby Urine Collector (Bag) ?

Baby Urine Collector Bag or Pediatric Urine Collector is a plastic bag which is used for collecting urinal samples from the infants in order to diagnose the possible urinary tract infections (UTI) via clinical tests.


How should Baby Urine Collector Bag be used ?

 First, infant’s nappy should be removed and it should be ensured that the genital area of the infant is clean, dry and free from cream or talc. For boys, urine collector bag should be placed over the penis with the tip of the penis inside the bag. Adhesive should be gently pressed onto the infant’s skin to seal, while the long section of the urine collector bag hanging downwards. For girls, opening of the urine collector bag should be placed over the vulval area. Again, long section of the bag should be hanging downwards. Then, adhesive should be gently pressed onto the infant’s skin to be sealed. Urine collector bag should be slightly pulled out to create a ballooning effect. If desired, a nappy can be fitted loosely. After the infant has voided, surrounding skin taut should be hold while removing the bag gently. Bag should be hold upright in order to ensure that urine sample is pooled at the bottom of the bag. Then, adhesive edges should be pressed together to form a seal. Urine sample should be transferred into a container. In order to do this, urine collector bag should be hold over the container and a small hole should be cut in the end of the urine collector bag. This way, urinal sample will be drained into the container. After that, lid of the container should be replaced and sealed tightly. Informations such as – infant’s full name, date of birth, date and time of collection and the responsible doctor’s name should be written onto the container label in order to address the urinal sample correctly.

Ceren Baby Urine Collector bag is available for girls and boys. If you have questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact our sales department.

Ceren Uretim Medical Products located in Turkey and continues its operations with high quality materials. Some of other  Ceren Uretim products are high concentration oxygen mask, nebulizer set, medical oxygen mask, aerosol chamber, enema set, drainage reservoir, urine collector bags etc.

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