Ceren Medical Products Urine Bag with Valve

Urine Bags with valve are used for collecting and temporarily storing urine for medical purposes. Urine Bags are strapped to the upper leg of the patient and are generally used while the patient is in bed or in a wheelchair. Urine Bags are drainable and they allow the patient to continue using the urine bag for a period of time.

urine bag

When the urine bag becomes unhygienic or unusable, the urine bag is disposed. Urine bags are also used for urinal sample collection for testing purposes. The head section is gently attached to the genitals of the patient and when the patient urinates, urine is flowed into the drainage bag. It should be labelled with the patient information such as name, age and sample collection date. For having an exact result of the urinary tests, collected sample should be delivered in time and stored in appropriate conditions before the test.

Specifications of Ceren Medical Products Urine Bag

Ceren Medical Urine Bags are disposable and has 1500 ml capacity. They are portable and leak free. They are appropriate and designed both for adults or youths.

How should Ceren Medical Urine Bag be used ?

Ceren medical Urine Bag can be used in allday life without problem. Drainage bag is attached to the leg and patient can walk freely with it. They can be hidden under the skirt, pants or dresses. It can be strapped to the patient’s leg with elastic straps. Urine bag should be placed lower than the bladder. Otherwise, urine can flow back into the patient’s bladder. In order to empty it, it should be kept over the hip level and urine should be drained into toilet or where it is appropriate. Urine bag should not be kept in bags. After removing it, genital area should be cleaned with alcohol or other appropriate material.

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