Ceren Medical Products at a glance

Ceren Medical Products was established in 2014 as a branch of Ceren Medical, which is one of the leading medical companies in Turkey since it’s foundation in 1992.

Ceren Medical Products is specialised in medical grade PVC production. As a leading provider of medical products, Ceren Medical Products provides solutions for the hospital, emergency, home and other various special environments. Most of the product portfolio is consisted of single use hygienic medical products such as Suction Set, Suction Tip, Suction Tube (Steril / Non-Steril), Baby Urine Collector (Bag), Urine Bag with Valve, Smear Brush, Nail Brush, Smear Sample Container, Medical Waste Boxes,Patient Gown, Hospital Stretcher Cover, Vaginal speculum and Body Bag. Other hygienic products such as Oxygen Mask, Nebulizer Set With Oxygen Mask, Nasal Oxygen Cannula, Oxygen Connector Tube, Automizer Chamber, Enema Set are also a part of the product portfolio. Browse through the extensive range of products carefully crafted to improve and save lives of numerous patients, who are in critical and intensive care, post operative care and home infusion therapies.


Over the years since it’s beginning, Ceren Medical products has expanded it’s line of products with innovations from some of the leading physicians, health care innovators and, patients. Ceren Medical Products today develops, manufactures and sells many different types of specialty products that meet the exacting needs of physicians. Having the most experienced engineers and medical staff in it’s branch enables Ceren Medical Products to set benchmark for the health industry in Turkey. Unique and featured products of Ceren Medical are designed to help the physicians to save and improve lives and lowering the health care costs for the patients on the other hand.


You can explore the opportunities you can create with Ceren Medical product portfolio by browsing it’s website and product catalogue. Additionally you can contact the sales department for further information and other medical solutions tailored for you.

Ceren Uretim Medical Products located in Turkey and continues its operations with high quality materials. Some of other  Ceren Uretim products are high concentration oxygen mask, nebulizer set, medical oxygen mask, aerosol chamber, enema set, drainage reservoir, urine collector bags etc.

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