Yankauer Suction Set Producer Turkey – Ceren Uretim

Yankauer suction tip is in medical applications as an oral suctioning tool. Typically, it has a firm plastic suction tip with a large opening which has a bulb shaped head around it. Aim of this design is not damaging the tissue around the yankauer suction tip while effectively sucking the liquid.

Yankauer suction is invented in 1907 by Sidney Yankauer, who was an American otolaryngologist. After the development, yankauer suction tips became the most used medical suction instrument.


Why is Yankauer Suction Set used?

Yankauer Suction Set is used for suctioning oropharyngeal secretions in order to prevent aspiration. A yankauer suction set is used during medical operations, in which the operative sites must be clear. It also has the use of counting blood lose volume during surgeries.

Specifications of Ceren Üretim Yankauer Suction Set

Large lumens of Ceren Yankauer Suction Set provides rapid aspiration. They resist clogging and sucks fluid and debris from either a surgical site or body orifice (i.e. airway, abdomen, etc.). It’s sturdy and shatter -resistant construction enables use for retraction. It is transparent so that it allows clear visualization of fluids. Ceren yankauer suction sets are sterile / single use only for preventing contamination. Tip of the product is compliant to the standarts and has 4 side holes. It is ergonomic and one piece. Ceren yankauer set is strong and durable since it is produced of high qualirt material. It has a wider inner diameter in order to facilitate the ow and vacuum control hole. It is kink and bend resistant, soft and has 200 cm length connection tube. Connector is also compliant to the standarts. It is easily disposable. Ceren Yankauer Suction Sets have the versions of: vacuum, non vacuum, w sump vacuum, w sump non vacuum and with filter.

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surgical nail brush

Surgical Nail Brush Producer – Ceren Uretim

Surgeries are life-saving procedures in medicine, but if they are not carried out correctly and respecting all hygiene rules, they can put the patient’s life in danger. That is why using a surgical nail brush is essential during pre-surgical preparations. Ceren Üretim is a medical devices and tools producer, whose products meet all hygiene and safety regulations.

surgical nail brush

Hygiene is the source of healing

Hygiene rules are crucial every moment, especially before and during contact with an open wound. In medicine, doctors and all the medical team must never skip the process of cleaning and disinfecting their hands and nails using a surgical nail brush. Many post-operative infections are a result of scarce hygiene or using a low-quality surgical nail brush. Ceren Uretim is a qualified and experienced surgical nail brush producer. Our brushes are non-disinfectant and made of soft PVC material.

Soft cleaning and maximum hygiene

Our surgical nail brush is very effective at removing dead skin cells and dirt from hands and under the nails. The bristles are soft and will perfectly clean your skin without irritation.The bristles provide deep cleaning of nails and cuticles since these are the dirtiest and most affected areas by germs and dead cells.With Ceren Üretim, doctors will engage in surgeries free from care when it comes to the hygiene of their hands.

Cervical cell samples

Ceren Üretim is also a smear brush producer. This medical device is a cervical cell collector for pap tests. Our set includes two brushes, straight or round type, and are very effective in collecting cervical cells. They conduct a very accurate test, thanks to their high-quality material. Moreover, the bristles are soft, which provide a painless procedure during sample collection. Ceren Üretim is one of the most important medical devices producers in Turkey, and all of our products are a result of experience, knowledge, and desire for perfection.

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nebulizer mask production

Nebulizer Set Production – Ceren Uretim


A nebulizer set manufacturer in Turkey has identified a need for manufacturing the device that is used as the most efficient method of delivering breathing oxygen gas from a storage tank, and mixed with prescription medication, to the patient’s lungs.


The benefit of being a local nebulizer set producer lies in the local manufacturing and supply chain. Supplying directly to the Turkish market allows hospitals and medical practitioners easy access to nebulizers whether this is as a singular product or as part of a set. Servicing the local market in both Turkish and English ensures good customer service through quick response time and sales support.

nebulizer mask production
Nebulizer Set With Oxygen Mask



A typical nebulizer set is manufactured in a clean environment and is made from DOP free medical grade PVC granules. Through integration of the latest manufacturing processes, Ceren Üretim is able to produce nebulizer sets more efficiently. The aim is to prevent any failures in the delivery and manufacturing of these sets. In a continuous effort to upskill our staff we ensure that we employ the best and talented staff with a vast knowledge of the equipment. Taking care to manufacture reliable and consistent equipment batch after batch, leaving no room for error.




An effective way to treat respiratory medical conditions by administering medication directly to the affected area. A nebulizer allows for such conditions to be treated by inhaling medication in the form of a fine mist. These medical devices have been developed specifically for the mixing of air and medication before a patient breathes it in. The medical grade PVC granules used in the mouthpiece, conforms to the contours of each patient’s face for a gentle fit. This avoids irritation and discomfort.


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High Concentration Oxygen Mask Producer – Ceren Uretim


Are you looking for a high concentration oxygen mask manufacturer in Turkey? Why not contact Ceren Üretim and take a look at the products on offer? You may very well source your next top-quality oxygen mask directly from us.

High Concentration Oxygen Mask

About Our High Concentration Oxygen Mask


We have developed our high concentration oxygen mask to satisfy both the administration of oxygen to patients as well as to fit comfortably and operate efficiently while doing so. Our design regulates and administers oxygen through a mouthpiece that is placed over the patient’s nose and mouth, providing an unobstructed flow of oxygen. We use a soft medical grade hygienic PVC material as an oxygen mask manufacturer. The oxygen mask comes with a mouthpiece, an adjustable nasal clip (to keep the mouthpiece securely in place), a non-re-breather valve, a standard connector, a 750 ml – 1500 ml reservoir bag and kink resistant tubing.


Your Preferred Supplier Ceren Üretim


We take pride in being the preferred high concentration oxygen mask manufacturer to our clients. Having doctors, hospitals and patients place their faith in our products is an honor, and we take the responsibility that comes with it very seriously. Our manufacturing process is state of the art by using only the best materials, having quality control checks at multiple points and continually investing in – and training our staff. We realized that there was a need for dependable, accurate and safe medical equipment in Turkey and decided to design and manufacture our own product. Our expertise in manufacturing combined with our knowledge of – and experience with medical equipment allows us to become the best high concentration oxygen mask manufacturer. We can meet both small and larger scale orders in an accurate lead and delivery timeframe.


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enema set

Enema Set and Yankauer Suction Set Producer – Ceren Uretim

Our company has lots of experience in medical devices production. We offer a wide range of quality products. The enema set is a medical device used to inject fluid into the lower bowel through the rectum. This device is used for patients who face up with constipation problems. It is also used for bowel cleansing before a surgery or a medical examination. The set consists in a medical bag for liquid, gloves, lubricant gel, kink resistant tube, drape and castile soap, everything you need for a soft, painless procedure.

Medical devices for a carefree life

Another product that our company offers is the aerosol chamber. This device releases the patient from breathing difficulties such as acute asthma or other respiratory infections.

An easier life for both doctors and patients

Another medical device is yankauer suction set which is mostly used by dentists during examination or surgeries. The device is an oral suctioning tool designed to softly absorbing the water and saliva during a dental medical procedure. This product eased considerably the dentist’s work and it also increased the patient’s comfort.

Another device that has a low vacuum aspiration level is the drainage reservoir that are used to drain the wounds, keeping them far away from infections and blood collection. They are also used during surgeries in order to vacuum the excessive blood.

Urine collection for infants

There are cases when doctors require urine samples from babies in order to make some tests. For sure it is not an easy task since the infant cannot cooperate. In order to make this easier, we provide a baby urine collectors bag which very efficient and simple to use. The special bag that collects the urine has a sticky strip on one end. In this way, you can fit it over the infant’s genital area. You can put a diaper over it and wait till the bag collected the necessary amount of urine.

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surgical nail brush

Surgical Nail Brush Production – Ceren Uretim

In medical use, a surgical nail brush is the first step in the process of intervention. Skipping this important step can generate post-operative infections and complications. Consequently, a quality surgical nail brush will have a higher efficacity in deep cleaning.

Quality and professionalism for our production

As a significant medical device producer, Ceren Uretim is also an important surgical nail brush manufacturer. For over 20 years we have been using the best materials for our medical devices production. The surgical nail brush offers a precise and deep cleaning, removing the germs, dirt and dead cells from hidden areas of our hands, such as cuticles and under the fingernails. It is amazing how well it removes germs on your hands and how softly it feels at the same time. The brush is made of grade plastic PVC and the bristles sponge is soft with your skin, but at the same time, it is abrasive for deep cleaning.

surgical nail brush

Disinfectants are the key!

We all know that in order to kill germs, we must attack them with abstergent solutions. For this purpose, our surgical nail brush offers at the same time dirt removal while brushing and germs destruction with disinfectants. The brush contains providion iode and chlorhexidine, the best allies against germs. We can produce brushes with 15 ml disinfectant, 20 ml or non-disinfectant. It is important to be aware of the fact that many postoperative infections occurred because of precarious self-prep before the surgery. Ceren Uretim is a trusty medical brush producer and our products are the first choice of many doctors all around Turkey. Using a surgical brush before getting into contact with an open wound is vital in medicine. For this purpose, we are committed to producing high-quality products, complying all the norms of safety and health regulations.

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Smear Brush Manufacturer – Ceren Uretim

Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancer amongst women. Thanks to screening methods, cervical cancer has been reduced significantly. Smear brush is the most widely used method for cervical cancer screening.

smear brush

A throughly examination is a very important factor that determines the efficiency of screening. Therefore, a quality smear brush is vital for this process. The brush has soft, flexible hairs for the optimal sample collection. It enables simultaneous collection of ectocervical, endocervical and transformation-zone cells with a single device. Brush has hydrophobic material and lets cell material slide into the fluid or to the glass. Therefore, smear brush is sticked into the vagina and rubbed against the tissue and cell samples stick into the brush. When the brush is taken out of the vagina, cells in the brush are used for testing. This method is called smear. Smear brush can be used for HPV testing, conventional cytology and liquid-based cytology. Pap test is the most common method which is used to screening the potentially precancerous lesions of the cervix. It can also be used to investigate disorders of the ovaries, uterus, vagina and vulva.

Specifications of Ceren Üretim Smear Brush

Ceren specialists have experience in the development of medical devices for gynaecological examinations for over a decade. Ceren Smear Brush has two models: endocervical brush and plain smear brush. (straight and round) Ceren Smear Brush reaches well into the cervical canal for a rich sample collection. It avoids bleeding and pain thanks to its design and brush material. These products can be used for conventional as well as liquid based cytology.

If you have inquiries or questions about the Ceren Uretim products, please feel free to contact our sales team. We will be more than happy to assist you. Ceren Uretim Medical Products located in Turkey and continues its operations with high quality materials. Some of other  Ceren Uretim products are high concentration oxygen mask, nebulizer set, medical oxygen mask, aerosol chamber, enema set, drainage reservoir, urine collector bags etc.

high concentration oxygen mask producer

High Concentration Oxygen Mask Manufacturer – Ceren Uretim

A high concentration oxygen mask is an apparatus that is used to regulate and administer additional oxygen to a patient. The mask/mouth piece is placed over the patient’s nose and mouth allowing for easy and unobstructed flow through the nose or mouth. Typically an oxygen mask comes with the mouthpiece, an adjustable nasal clip (to keep the mouthpiece securely in place on any patient), a non-re-breather valve, a standard connector, a 750 ml – 1500 ml reservoir bag and kink resistant tubing.

high concentration oxygen mask producer

What Is a High Concentration Oxygen Mask?

Each high concentration oxygen mask producer uses a soft and hygienic PVC material, complying with the standards for materials used in medical equipment. It’s perfect for medical use since its clean, firm yet soft enough to use without the risk of hurting patients. This makes it the ideal apparatus to use on young and older patients since the nasal clip is adjustable and the material is comfortable on the skin. The oxygen mask from Ceren Uretim is therefore safe to use on all patients.

Why Use a High Concentration Oxygen Mask?

A high concentration oxygen mask producer is focused on increasing the level of oxygen breathed in by a patient. The reasons for administering additional oxygen is to assist or provide relief to patients with respiratory conditions which prevents them from taking in sufficient oxygen through normal breathing. Each high concentration oxygen mask producer manufactures a non-re-breather valve which allows oxygen to be delivered to the attached reservoir bag during breathing and minimises air from being re-breathed to achieve a high oxygen concentration. The valve also prevents exhaled air from entering the reservoir bag. The reservoir bag functions as a temporary storage for oxygen before it is inhaled and helps to reduce oxygen loss during inhaling. Be sure to contact Ceren Uretim as your preferred high concentration oxygen mask producer.

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Yankauer Suction Set Production – Ceren Uretim

Medical practitioners may at some point require a suctioning tool to clean up blood or other bodily discharges. A yankauer suction set comes with a firm plastic suction handle which is attached to a tube. The opening at the tip has a bulb attached which is designed to allow for efficient suction without damaging any surrounding tissue. There are two variations allowing for suction with or without vacuum control. The yankauer suction set is made in Turkey by Ceren Üretim from medical grade PVC granules, which comply with all health and safety regulations.

What is it used for?

The tool is used to remove discharge and body fluids from the mouth or throat, and may also be used to remove blood or discharge during or before surgery. The yankauer suction set is the most common medical suction instrument in the world.

It can also be used in cases of pulmonary aspiration. This is when food or drink, stomach fluids or nasal fluids goes down the windpipe or into the voice box. It is especially useful in removing fluids that block the air canal in hospitalized or unconscious patients. The yankauer suction set is connected to an external source of suction, to allow continuous and easy suction of fluid.

What is included in the set?

The yankauer suction set is manufactured by Ceren Üretim, which is specializes in medical instruments and yankauer suction set production, and is also a yankauer suction set manufacturer based in Turkey.

Each set includes:

  • A 200 cm connection tube (soft, kink and bend resistant)
  • An ergonomic one piece plastic handle
  • Standard compliant tip with 4 side holes
  • Wider inner diameter to facilitate the flow and vacuum control hole
  • A standard compliant connector

Available variations:

  • Vacuum
  • Non-vacuum
  • With sump vacuum
  • With sump non-vacuum
  • With Filter

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Nebulizer Producer in Turkey – Ceren Üretim

Recent treatments for lungs diseases or other respiratory problems use nebulizers as a more efficient way of delivering the drugs to the patient. A nebulizer set consists in a mouthpiece used to inhale the mist and a connector tube that transfers the vapors from the compressor to the mask. Doctors prescribe nebulizers as treatment or breathing therapy which comfort and heal the patients with breathing problems such as severe asthma or respiratory infections. A nebulizer mask is easier to use than pocket-sized inhalers especially for infants and children who are not old enough to use inhalers.

Nebulizer Set With Oxygen Mask

Ceren Uretim among the biggest medical device producer in Turkey

Our company is a very qualified medical producer, being known as an important nebulizer mask manufacturer as well. Our quality products are defined by superior materials used in production, such as DOP free medical grade PVC granules, adjustable aluminum wire, kink resistant connector tube and a non-sterile device. Being an experienced nebulizer mask manufacturer Turkey, we pay maximum attention to our products, using medical grade materials, specially created for sensitive and allergic people. Concurrently, Ceren Uretim is a nebulizer mask producer turkey whose products are easy to use due to their face adapted ergonomic masks and adjustable aluminum wires.

How to clean and properly care for a nebulizer

Since nowadays nebulizer mask production is quite developed, these medical devices do not require much maintenance. However, it is very important to make sure the nebulizer is cleaned and disinfected before starting the treatment. Since the patient inhales the vapors from the oxygen mask, it should be cleaned in order to avoid interaction with bacteria and other germs that may grow inside. The mouthpiece can be washed with liquid soap and warm water or with disinfectant solution. The tube cannot be cleaned after every usage therefore it should be replaced regularly.

Ceren Uretim is a nebulizer mask producer which missions is to provide quality medical devices to customers and patients.

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