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A baby who has a urinary illness is a very serious thing, especially when parents and medical staff have to collect urine samples needed for tests. Ceren Uretim comes in your help as a specialized baby urines collector bag manufacturer, in order to ease and simplify the process of collecting urine and to offer great samples for neat results.

How to use a collector bag for babies?

As we are a specialized baby urine collector bag manufacturer, we have been producing high quality and easy to use collector bags. With Ceren Uretim, everything is getting more simple and safe. Firstly, you have to ensure the baby’s genital area is clean and dry. For boys, simply place the urine collector over the penis, placing the tip inside the box. For girls, the collector must be opened over the vulva area. Further, gently press the adhesive parts onto the skin. A slight pulling out on the bag is needed to create a balloon effect. After the baby urinates into the bag, gently remove it and transfer the samples into a top container. While removing the bag, make sure it is kept upright so the liquid is pooled at the bottom. This simple process can be carried out by unspecialized persons such as parents, not only by doctors and nurses.

The quality of our products

We are a medical devices manufacturer and a baby urine collector bag manufacturer with a vast experience in the medical field. For this matter, we have been developing high-quality devices. Our baby urine collector bag is sterile and made of medical plastic, specially designed for sensitive and allergic babies. The seal system is secure, soft and free from pain and will not affect the baby’s comfort. Simply keep an eye on the bag to check if the baby urinated.

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