Baby Urine Collector Bag

Sometimes it is necessary to get a urine sample from a baby run some tests. Urine is frequently collected at the hospital, but the sample can be collected at home as well with baby urine collector bags.

baby urine collector bag

How To Collect The Urine?

Before using the baby urine collecor bag, it is vital to wash the area around the urethra first, using clean water and mild soap or baby wipes. Start off with opening the bag and placing it on the patient. Baby urine collector bags will be used to collect the urine, a plastic bag that has a sticky line on one side of it – like a gift wrapping bag, this is made to fit the baby’s genitals and urethra. For female babies, put the baby urine collector bag over the labia. For male babies, put the penis in the bag and attach the sticky part of the bag to the skin. Over the baby urine collecter bag, put a diaper on the baby just like you would usually do it. The baby may need frequent checks in order to make sure that the sample has been collected. Put the urine from the bag to the container provided to you and be careful while doing this. Contaminating the sample might tamper with the test results in the long run. Turn your sample in. After using the baby urine collector bag, wash the area aroung the urethra again, using clean water and mild soap or baby wipes.

Why Choose Us?

We carry two different types of baby urine collector bags for the two sexes. We have one for female babies and one for male babies. As the anatomy of the two sexes is incredibly different, one type of baby urine collector bag can not be used on both of the sexes, that’s why we carry two different types.

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