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Since Dr. George Papanicolau invented the Pap test back in 1928, it has become one of the most important sample tests, which prevents, cures and saves lots of women’s lives every year. For conducting a cervical screening, doctors mainly use two medical devices: vaginal speculums and smear brushes.

What are vaginal speculums?

Going regularly to a gynecologist for a check-up should be a routine in a woman’s life. Therefore, many of them should be familiar with the term of a vaginal speculum and its usage for medical purposes. To sum it up, a vaginal speculum is a medical device that gives the doctor a visual inspection of the vagina and cervix. It is also necessary to collect cervical cells necessary for further tests. It can also be used for anal speculums, having the same rate of success as vaginal ones. With more than 20 years of experience in producing medical devices, our speculums are made of top-quality materials which offer the best samples for superior cervical tests. Cervical screenings are life-saving and the medical devices involved in this process must be of the highest quality and functionality.

The production of vaginal speculums

The invention of speculums goes back to ancient times when they were mainly made of stainless steel. Nowadays, a vaginal speculum is made of plastic PVC. As a specialized and qualified vaginal speculum manufacturer, Cerem Uretim produces medical devices with the best materials, CE certified and complying all health requirements. Our vaginal speculum is made of medical grade PVC material, specially created for sensitive or allergic genitals. The insertion is painless thanks to the advanced sensitive design. The material is transparent which facilitates the exposure of the light inside the vagina in order to offer a better visual inspection. Moreover, the material of a vaginal speculum is very light and unbreakable, so the medical procedure will be easy and perfectly safe.

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