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About Nebulizer Mask Manufacturing

A nebulizer mask is a component of a nebulizer set. It is actually a mouthpiece which delivers the medical mist into the respiratory tract and instantly calms down respiratory deficits. To understand how this works it is important to understand the whole process of a nebulizer set. It has three components: a mouthpiece called nebulizer mask, a connector tube, and a chamber. In the last one, the medication is prepared and transformed into a mist which is released through the tube into the nebulizer mask. From here, the patient takes the benefits of the mist while breathing it naturally. The mouthpiece covers both the mouth and the nose. So, the patients do not need to measure or control their breathing while inhaling the mist. Using a nebulizer is carefree for patients and easier to use than inhaler devices. For this point of view, infants and children are more likely to receive the medication for respiratory disorders with a nebulizer. The mask covers the mouth and nose gently.

Nebulizer production

Ceren Uretim is among the leaders in Turkey when it comes to medical devices production. We are using high-quality materials that comply with all the required health and safety regulations. The nebulizer mask together with the tubes is made of plastic grade PVC like many of our devices. This material is perfect for sensitive and allergic persons. Ceren Uretim is a nebulizer mask manufacturer whose great experience in the field of medical devices can be noticed in our production. The mask is available in two colors, transparent and green transparent, and comes in three sizes: for adult, child, for an infant. The adjustable aluminum wire fixes the mask to face in a comfortable and gentle manner. The tube that connects the chamber and the mouthpiece is kink resistant.

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