Smear Sample Container

About Ceren Uretim Smear Sample Container

Smear Sample Container is used for storing the samples collected by Smear brush from the patients vagina. It is used for cervical screening of Gynecologic specimen. It is vital for cancer screening and mostly called PAP test. Other names for this method are exfoliative cytopathology – the Papanicolaou method is shortly called the PAP test.

Smear Sample Container

How is Smear Sample Container used?

Cervical / endocervical specimen is obtained with smear brush by inserting the long tines into the cervical os and twisting the brush clockwise 4 times. Then, the smear brush is immediately smeared directly on glass slide and sprayed immediately with spray alcohol fixative. Alternatively, a combination of spatula and endocervical smear brush may be used to sample the cervical / endocervical area.

Some precautions are advised to ensure that the specimens are correctly obtained and processed. First, before collecting specimen, the name of the patient should be clearly written on the Smear sample container. Each smear taken from each patient should be placed in an individual smear sample container in order to prevent contamination or mixation. A brief history of the patient should be also recorded.

Specifications of Ceren Medical Products Smear Sample Container

Ceren Medica Products offers cost effective and quality medical solutions thanks to it’s years of experience in it’s field. Ceren Smear Sample Container consists of two sections for sample collection and it is capped for securing the samples. It has standart object plate size. Ceren Smear Sample Container is supplied for holding cytology and pap smear glass slides only. It is supplied with 95% alcohol for fixation of smears.

If you would like to know more about Ceren Smear Sample Container or if you have inquiries please feel free to contact our sales personnel. We will be happy to support you.

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