Yankauer Suction Set

Yancauer suction sets were invented by Sidney Yankauer in 1907. He was a otolarygonologist from the USA. After the development of yankauer suction sets, they became the most commonly used medical suction tool. Yankauer suction sets are a medical tool used in oral suctioning. The tip has a bulb shaped head around it, this design …


Vaginal Speculum

Vaginal speculums are tools that are used by doctors during pelvic exams. They can be made up of metal or plastic and they are a hinged shape. They were used since Romans and ancient Greeks’ times. Doctors insert the vaginal speculum inside and gently open it during the exam. Vaginal speculums come in different sizes. …


Nebulizer Mask

Nebulizer masks may be necessary for receiving aerosol medication. The nebulizer mask is a medical tool that allows the patient to breathe in the aerosol medication through the nose and / or mouth in order to treat the lungs directly. The nebulizer mask can also be used in order to treat the passageways. Nebulizer masks …


Enema Set

The word enema is derived from Greek and it means “injection”. Enema is a method in which a specified liquid is injected into the rectum. Enema sets are commonly used before medical treatments. Enema sets are usually used for lower bowel cleansing in order to relieve constipation. Enema sets can also be used for examining …

high concentration oxygen mask producer

High Concentration Oxygen Mask

High concentration oxygen masks, also known as “non rebreathing masks” provide oxygen at a larger concentration. They are used to assist the delivery of oxygen therapy and A and E departments for physical trauma patients, patients who suffer from smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning. How To Use A High Concentration Oxygen Mask To use …

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