Drainage Reservoir Producer – Ceren Uretim

A drainage reservoir is a medical device used in the recovery process of an open wound, during surgery, or to drain off the post-operative wounds. The drainage reservoir is actually a collector recipient of excessive blood, festering or water. Ceren Uretim is an important medical devices producer in Turkey, and a drainage reservoir producer as …


Vaginal Speculum Production – Ceren Uretim

Since Dr. George Papanicolau invented the Pap test back in 1928, it has become one of the most important sample tests, which prevents, cures and saves lots of women’s lives every year. For conducting a cervical screening, doctors mainly use two medical devices: vaginal speculums and smear brushes. What are vaginal speculums? Going regularly to …


Aerosol Chamber Production – Ceren Uretim

An aerosol chamber or metered dose inhaler (MDI) is a device delivering a medication in a predefined amount to the lungs in a burst of aerosolized medicine via inhalation. They are mostly used for treating asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other respiratory diseases. Medicine used in an aerosol chamber is mostly a bronchodilator, …

nebulizer mask production

Nebulizer Mask Production Turkey – Ceren Uretim

Having the roots in ancient medicine, a nebulizer is a drug delivery device for aerosol medications. In the old days, people used to heal respiratory problems through inhaling herbal mists. Nowadays, modern medicine has developed the nebulizer set, a modern and smart device, which has a very effective rate of healing lungs diseases and respiratory …


Drainage Reservoir Manufacturer – Ceren Uretim

Wound drainage reservoir is a disposable portable device used for closed wound suction. It is commonly made of silicone and has an oval, leakless reservoir to hold the sucked liquid. It is mostly used in surgeries where the blood flowing out of the patient should be cleared in order to have a clear view for …

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